Does Fairfax EggBank provide any guarantee on eggs purchased from the Bank?

Fairfax EggBank is confident in the quality of its donors, the expertise of its scientists, and the experience it has in freezing eggs. That’s why our guarantee offers one of the strongest assurances in the donor egg market.

We don’t underestimate how valuable a guarantee can be for our patients. Unlike most agencies and banks that offer either no guarantee or a guarantee of egg thaw survival, we take it one major step further by guaranteeing you at least one good embryo from the warmed oocytes of your purchased cohort. If the quality standard is not met for a paid cohort, we’ll provide you with one free replacement cohort (at least six frozen oocytes) for a future cycle.

*The Fairfax EggBank quality guarantee is not available for Cohorts shipped outside the U.S. and Canada.  The Fairfax EggBank quality guarantee, if any, will be set forth in the Terms of Use signed by the patient who will utilize the Cohort.  There may be no guarantee, or the guarantee may differ from the one described on our website.  In the event of a conflict between the Terms of Use and Fairfax EggBank website language, the Terms of Use signed by the patient will control. For further questions, contact us.