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Are you interested in helping others by becoming an egg donor, while being generously compensated for your time and effort? Check your eligibility.

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We make the egg donation process straightforward by simplifying the steps and answering any question you have along the way.


Once you read our requirements and determine you’re eligible to become an egg donor, apply online.


You’ll undergo screening, where you’ll receive thousands of dollars worth of free medical and genetic testing. You’ll also earn a $200 reward upon completion.


If you pass the medical and genetic testing requirements, you’ll be accepted into our egg donor program. You’ll earn an additional $300 reward upon acceptance.


Be generously compensated for your efforts every time you complete an egg donation cycle. If eligible, you can donate up to 6 times!


Fairfax EggBank is recognized as a premier egg donation program and is one of the largest and most experienced egg banks in the world, which is why so many women choose to donate their eggs through us. With egg donation clinics in major cities nationwide, you won’t have to travel far to participate.

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