Donating Eggs In Foster City, CA

Conceiving a child is a unique journey, and not everyone follows the same path. When you become an egg donor with Fairfax EggBank, you play a vital role in an intended parent’s journey and are generously reimbursed for your time and effort.

During your egg donation cycle, our team will always be there for you. Every step of the way, your dedicated coordinator will support you and lead with compassion to ensure your health and safety. As one of the nation’s most experienced and trusted egg banks, we are committed to extending the precious gift of family to those facing challenges in conceiving naturally. 

Ready to join us in making dreams of parenthood a reality? Become an egg donor in Foster City today.

View of Foster City, CA. Become an egg donor in California today!

About Our Egg Donor Clinic in Foster City

If you are considering egg donation in San Francisco, we have a partner clinic nearby in Foster City. We require our egg donors to live within 2 hours of any of our clinics located throughout the country. Any qualified applicants residing within this region should be able to make the appointments required leading up to the egg retrieval procedure.

The Foster City, CA area is one of our convenient locations where you can go through the egg donation process. But, if you live in California and Foster City is not convenient, you may want to consider applying to our travel egg donor program or donating at one of our Southern California locations, such as Los Angeles,  Pasadena, Encino, Carlsbad, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, or La Jolla.

We also have a travel egg donor program where you can get travel assistance to complete the egg donation process at the nearest partner clinic to you.

How to Become an Egg Donor in Northern California

Here’s more information about the egg donor application process. We ask that you review our egg donor requirements before applying.

Egg Donor Requirements

If you live within a 2-hour radius of any of our partner clinics, you may want to see if you further qualify to be an egg donor. We embrace diversity and encourage individuals from all backgrounds to consider this opportunity. The criteria for egg donor eligibility include:

This is a summary of our criteria. Please see our full list of egg donor requirements for more information.

Egg Donor Application Process

After reviewing our egg donor requirements, fill out our online application. After you apply, your information will be reviewed by our team of geneticists and egg donor coordinators. On average the application review process takes about 2 weeks to be reviewed by our team. If you haven’t heard back in 1-2 weeks please check your email’s spam folder. If you have questions about the egg donation process, you may be able to find answers by viewing our most frequently asked egg donor questions.

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Egg Donor Screening Process

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, the next step is undergoing medical and genetic screening. We do this to ensure you meet our required health and genetic background standards. At no cost to you, we provide medical testing and will reimburse you for your time and effort once all screening is complete.

Complete Egg Donation in Foster City, CA

After successfully completing the egg donor screening process, you can donate your eggs. Leading up to the egg retrieval, you will visit the Foster City clinic at least three to six times to prepare for the procedure. The egg donation process is a lengthy time commitment but the retrieval itself only takes about 20 minutes. If you reach the end of your donating cycle and would like to donate again, there’s a possibility that you can. If you receive our team’s approval, you can donate eggs up to six times tota

Egg Donor FAQs

Are you wondering “Can I sell my eggs in California?” You can’t sell your eggs in California or throughout the U.S. for money. But, when you donate your eggs with Fairfax EggBank at one of our partner clinic locations, you will receive financial egg donor reimbursement for your time and effort.

Our egg donor requirements are the same across the U.S., see our full list of egg donor qualifications.

The risks associated with donating your eggs are low. Some of the risks include OHSS, bleeding, ovarian torsion, and pregnancy (if you have unprotected intercourse during the egg donation cycle).

Yes, you can still get pregnant and have children after donating eggs. During the egg donation cycle, we can’t take any more eggs than your body naturally produces during that cycle. So, this process doesn’t deplete your egg supply.

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Register to gain full access into our comprehensive donor profiles, including adulthood photos (upon submitting a photo consent form), family medical history, and personal essays. You‘ll also be able to “favorite” donors you like, print donor profiles, and more!

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