Egg Donation Resources for Intended Parents

We want to help intended parents through the egg donation process by sharing trusted resources and partners that can help, be a support system, or offer guidance. These resources include nonprofits, associations, online platforms, financing, and benefit options that can be supportive and help intended parents get answers to all their questions.


Intended Parents Support Platforms, Sites & Communities


Fertilitywise supports patients in every aspect of the complex fertility process, including each step and decision point. A leader in providing evidence-based research to the patient community, Fertilitywise answers patients’ questions about the fertility journey. We emphasize the importance of understanding the outcomes and success rates as presented in highly regarded scientific journals, so that patients are informed in their decisions. We further our support by delivering a private community that provides a haven from misinformation and lends the emotional support needed on this journey.

Use code FairfaxEB to receive all access for 2 months free. Click here to get started.



Frame is a comprehensive virtual care platform all-in-one fertility support system, offering personalized, one-on-one medical care and fertility coaching for intended parents throughout their IVF journeys. Get a 20% discount on your first month of a Frame’s All-In Premium Support membership! Just use code FFEB. Learn more about Frame’s personalized fertility care and coaching at

Men Having Babies

Men Having Babies logo

An international nonprofit that is dedicated to providing gay men with educational and financial support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy. Learn more at


RESOLVE The National Infertility Assocation

Resolve logo

All people challenged in their family building journey should reach their resolution by being empowered by knowledge, supported by community, united by advocacy, and inspired to act. RESOLVE as many resources and a whole community of support, learn more at


Support Groups

Support groups are a great way to communicate with people who are going through the same things as you. Here is a search to find a support group that meets your needs:

Financing Options

The IVF and donor egg process can be costly, but there are options out there you can look into to help fund it. Below is a list of options that you can research and learn more here.

  • Grants
  • Financing and loans
  • Employer provided benefits
  • Go Fund Me


Search for Grants

There are grants available for fertility treatments. Search the RESOLVE site’s list of grants you can apply to provided by nonprofit organizations.

Financing Partners


CAPEXMD specializes in providing patient financing for all fertility treatment options. They offer a wide variety of loan options to ensure patients can find the best plan for their needs.

Advantages of CAPEXMD:

  • Specialists in Fertility Financing
  • Competitive Rates
  • Easy and Secure Online Application
  • Flexible Terms
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Prepayment Penalties

To view an estimate of potential monthly payments with CapexMD, visit their Loan Payment Calculator.

Apply online or call 888.497.8414.




PatientFi offers a friendly and convenient way to pay monthly for fertility care. Get the treatment you need, and pay over time on monthly payments— all under one plan.

How it Works

Apply in seconds from any device, worry-free! With PatientFi there’s no risk to your credit score because there is no hard credit check—not when you apply or select your offer.
Once approved, you’ll get a digital line of credit to tap into your plan as often as possible. Spend up to your limit and pay it down over time on a friendly monthly plan.
Flexible Financing with Terms Out to 84 Months Patients can choose a plan that best fits their unique budget. Options range from 0% interest to extended terms for low monthly payments and APRs as low as 6.99%.

Instant approvals:
•  No hard credit checks
•  Transparent monthly payments
•  84-month term lengths available
•  Covering all fertility-related treatments

To get started click on the button below.


Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper Healthcare Lending makes getting a loan easy. Their simple online system takes you step by step through the loan application process. Step 1 checks your rate. Step 2 lets you choose the loan that best suits your needs. Step 3 lets you receive your money through direct deposit.

Contact Prosper Healthcare Lending for more information at  800.625.7412 or Apply here.

Fertility Benefits Partners

Carrot Fertility


Carrot Fertility is the leading global fertility and family-building platform providing care for everyone, everywhere. Trusted by more than a thousand multinational employers, health plans, and health systems, Carrot’s comprehensive clinical program delivers industry-leading cost savings for employers and award-winning experiences for millions of people worldwide. From maternity through menopause and pre-pregnancy through parenting, Carrot is dedicated to expanding access and improving outcomes. Carrot empowers members with compassionate, personalized, and inclusive support.


Fairfax EggBank is proud to make donor egg IVF more affordable by accepting fertility benefits through Progyny. Progyny members who have access to donor tissue will benefit from this partnership, which blends the dedicated care provided by the Progyny Patient Care Advocates (888-461-5062) with that of Fairfax EggBank Client Relations Specialists (888-352-5577).

Please connect with your employer’s HR department for more information about available fertility benefits.


Stork Club

Stork Club, a comprehensive maternity care platform, offers an inclusive maternity program to support employees throughout all stages of the family-building process. Stork Club has partnered with Fairfax Cryobank and Fairfax EggBank to provide donor sperm and egg coverage for LGBTQ+ individuals, single parents, and those with genetic health issues.

To learn more visit

Resources for Third-Party Reproduction


Fairfax Surrogacy provides education and support to all aspiring parents and surrogates. In addition, we offer a high standard of credibility, transparency, diversity, and compassion to all who seek our services. Our highest level of integrity is demonstrated through our extensive screening process before matching and our commitment to having safeguards in place to protect and honor all persons involved.



Fairfax Cryobank was originally organized in 1986 to provide patients at the Genetics & IVF Institute with anonymous frozen donor semen that had a higher standard of genetic and infectious donor screening and sperm quality than could be obtained elsewhere. Physicians that visited the Institute and observed the results of the frozen donor specimens began to request the use of Fairfax Cryobank donor specimens in their own infertility practices. Although it was not the original intent to provide specimens outside of the Institute, due to continued requests by physicians and patients Fairfax Cryobank now provides donor semen to physicians and university medical centers in all 50 states and many foreign countries. Upon request from patients, physicians, and numerous medical facilities, the Cryobank also began providing semen freezing and storage for patients desiring to have their specimens cryopreserved for future use.

Embryo Donation

In the United States of America, it is illegal to sell embryos. You can donate your embryos to families in need. Embryo Connections is an example of an organization that is a concierge embryo donation agency who connects intended parents to women who want to donate their embryos.

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Register to gain full access into our comprehensive donor profiles, including adulthood photos (upon submitting a photo consent form), family medical history, and personal essays. You‘ll also be able to “favorite” donors you like, print donor profiles, and more!

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