Egg Donor Recipient Information & FAQs

Fairfax EggBank strives to make navigating the donor egg process as easy as possible for our hopeful parents. Below are answers to several frequently asked questions by donor egg recipients that we think you will find helpful. We also welcome you to contact us with any additional questions.

About Fairfax EggBank

Why should I use frozen donor eggs from Fairfax EggBank?

Fairfax EggBank has one of the most comprehensive egg donor screening processes of any donor egg bank in the world, which translates into excellent quality egg donors and an expansive egg donor selection.

Our dedicated staff at the Fairfax EggBank has decades of experience addressing the unique sensitivities of patients who are considering the use of donor eggs.

Put simply, Fairfax EggBank provides quality and quantity when it comes to our recipient’s choice of egg donors. We have a network of highly trained fertility centers and decades of experience serving patients who are building their families with the help of donor gametes.

To learn more about the Fairfax EggBank difference, click here.

How do I contact the Fairfax EggBank team?

You can send us a message or call us at 888.352.5577. If you have already registered with us, you can also send us a list of your favorite donors through the donor database.

Who are the doctors and leaders at Fairfax EggBank?

Fairfax EggBank has a highly experienced team of doctors, embryologists, geneticists, donor coordinators, and client relations specialists. Learn more about our team and how they work to help you build your family.

Egg Donor Database

What’s an ID Option donor?

An ID Option egg donor is a donor who agrees to allow us to release her identity and contact information to the donor-conceived child, once that child reaches the age of 18 and he or she requests the information. Recipient parents must register their children for this program. You can learn more about our ID Option program here.

What screening does the donor undergo?

All donors must pass our extensive and rigorous screening requirements in order to become eligible to donate. There is a series of testing done, including a physical exam, infectious disease testing, genetic testing, drug testing, and psychological testing. You can learn specifics about their screening panel here.

Will I know how many eggs are available for a donor I’m interested in?

Yes, your dedicated Client Relations Specialist will tell you how many cohorts are available for a donor, and how many eggs are in each cohort.

Will I know if the donor has had any past successes as a donor and/or has children of her own?

Your Fairfax EggBank Client Relations Specialist will be able to tell you any performance history we have on a donor, if the data is available. You can also learn if she’s had any children of her own in her profile.

How much information do you provide on the egg donors?

We offer a significant amount of detailed information about each egg donor. In fact, our program is one of the few to offer such a vast amount of information on each donor. Donor profiles can be found in our donor database, and include medical and personal history, donor essays, audio interviews, and childhood photos. Adulthood photos for donors are also available once you complete a confidentiality agreement, as a reasonable precaution to preserve the donor’s anonymity. Many recipients say that this additional information and extensive screening are incredibly helpful in selecting just the right donor.

How often do you add new donors to the database?

Our database changes constantly. If you are looking for a certain type of donor but don’t see any available on the website, please contact us so that your dedicated Client Relations Specialist can listen to your needs and facilitate the search process for you.

A donor I’m interested in is no longer listed in the egg donor database. Is she still available or will she become available in the future?

If the donor is no longer listed on our website, this means she no longer has cohorts available for purchase. Still, we encourage you to contact us to let us know the donor you had your eyes on – there is always a chance that another recipient releases a cohort they had reserved, or the donor returns for another cycle. While we won’t be able to share future cycle plans with you, we may be able to alert you should she have donor eggs available again.

I don’t see any donors that fit my needs. Can you help?

We encourage you to check the database periodically, since our database changes daily. Also, contact us to let us know what kind of donor you are looking for. Your Client Relations Specialist will do his/her best to keep watch once a donor comes along who might be the right one for you.

What happens if I “favorite” a donor?

Adding a donor to your “favorites” list, does not reserve the donor for you. The function aims to help you easily find a donor that you’re interested in anytime you return to our website. If you would like to get more information on a donor or might be interested in purchasing the donor’s eggs, contact us.

If you “favorite” a donor and find that she no longer appears when you return to the website, this means she no longer has egg donor cohorts available. Please still contact us, in the event that she has cohorts available in the future.

How do I view adulthood photos?

You can view the adulthood photos by executing the following steps:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Complete an online photo consent form

You should be able to view the photos after completing these two steps. If you decide you want to disable the ability to view adulthood photos, simply go to your account settings to turn off the feature.

Do you have more photos available on a donor, beyond what is included in the donor’s profile online?

There is a possibility that more photos are available for a donor. Simply contact us about the donor you’re interested in and a donor coordinator will let you know if additional photos are available to view.

Financial and Guarantee Information

How much do frozen donor eggs cost?

A cohort of frozen donor eggs costs $18,800 plus shipping ($690). You will remit payment to Fairfax EggBank once we receive the necessary documents from you and your clinic authorizes the purchase and shipment of the donor eggs.

For some partnering IVF clinics, you will remit payment for your cohort directly to your clinic. In these cases, you would pay nothing to Fairfax EggBank. Please ask your clinic which payment option they have elected. To learn more, click here.

Do you work with any financing or loan program?

We partner with CapEx, Future Family, and Prosper Healthcare. If you are considering another finance option, please present it to us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do you offer discount programs?

Yes, we offer several discount options, including a 3-Cohort Package and we waive shipping fees for active military and veterans. You can learn more about these discounts here. These discounts are based on your clinic’s affiliation agreement. Please call us for additional information.

Can I obtain a medical or billing code to submit to my insurance for reimbursement?

As a human tissue bank, Fairfax EggBank is not a healthcare provider and does not participate in insurance plans. We are unaware of any CPT, HCPCS, or other medical or billing codes for purchased donor egg cohorts on a stand-alone basis. As such, we will not be able to provide recipients with a code to submit to their insurance plans for reimbursement.

Does Fairfax EggBank provide a guarantee on their donor eggs?

Yes! Fairfax EggBank is confident in the quality of its donor eggs, the expertise of its scientists, and the experience it has in freezing eggs. Contact us to learn more about our Embryo Development Guarantee.

The Donor Egg Ordering Process

How does the process work?

The process is easy!

  1. Register to access our donor database.
  2. Contact us so that you can be assigned a dedicated Client Relations Specialist who will be ready to support you and explain the process step-by-step. Upon verification that you are a patient at an affiliate IVF clinic partner, your specialist will let you know how many donor egg cohorts are available for the donor(s) you are interested in, provide any other details on the donor that may be available, and help you reserve a donor egg cohort once you’re ready to move forward.
  3. Complete simple paperwork and complete the payment process.
  4. We ship donor eggs to your clinic. Our goal is to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.
  5. If your clinic isn’t listed as an IVF clinic partner, don’t worry: just let us know so that we can initiate the partnership process with your clinic.

How can I secure an egg donor cohort?

Please contact us as soon as you see a donor that you’re interested in, as we reserve cohorts on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our donor database constantly changes and we’ve often encountered disappointed recipients who contacted us only after realizing the donor they were interested in is no longer listed in our database. Once you’ve initiated contact and we’ve confirmed you’re a patient of an IVF clinic partner, your dedicated Client Relations Specialist will walk you through the steps to secure a donor. This consists of completing simple paperwork, having your clinic authorize the purchase and shipment, and remitting payment to Fairfax EggBank for the donor egg cohort.

How long does the process take once I choose a donor?

As long as you are a patient of an IVF clinic partner, the clinic authorizes you to receive donor eggs, and you complete the paperwork and payment, the process can take just a few days. Variables that can affect the length of time include responsiveness of the recipient and clinic, any testing the recipient and partner need to complete, and the clinic’s availability to receive the donor eggs. We will work with you within the best of our ability to meet your anticipated timeline for transfer.

How many donor eggs will I receive?

You will purchase a cohort of donor eggs. Each cohort has a minimum of 6 mature, vitrified eggs for your use. Most cohorts range between 6-8 eggs each.

Where does my treatment cycle and embryo transfer take place?

Fairfax EggBank works with 450+ IVF clinic partners across the United States and around the world, in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and Israel. These clinics have been specially trained in our proprietary lab techniques to achieve optimal success. If your clinic is not affiliated with Fairfax EggBank, simply contact your clinic and let them know you are interested in proceeding with a frozen donor egg cycle using eggs from the Fairfax EggBank; we’ll work with you and your clinic to make the process seamless.

What if I like a donor but I’m not ready to undergo a transfer within the next few weeks?

You still have the option to purchase a donor egg cohort, you’ll be able to purchase the egg donor cohort but keep it in storage at Fairfax EggBank until you and your clinic are ready to have it shipped. Please contact us for further details.

How do I know if you work with my IVF clinic?

You can view our list of participating IVF clinic partners in your area. If your clinic is not yet listed, just let us know and we will contact them so you can get started.

I already have a fertility clinic, but they aren’t partnered with Fairfax EggBank. Can you ship frozen donor eggs to my clinic?

Partnering with Fairfax EggBank is fast and easy. Contact us and we will reach out to your clinic on your behalf to establish a partnership.

What can I expect once I’ve chosen a clinic?

While the process can differ from clinic to clinic, typically you will need a consultation with a physician and complete diagnostic testing before treatment can begin. In most cases, this takes just a few weeks to complete. Once treatment is ready to commence, medications will be given to prepare your body for the embryo transfer. Medication and treatment protocols will vary; however in a typical frozen donor egg cycle, the duration from when the recipient begins medication to prepare her uterus until the day the embryo transfer takes place is about a month.

What if I want to purchase more than one egg donor cohort?

Contingent on the availability of cohorts, you have the option to purchase multiple cohorts. We offer a 3-Cohort Package, for a deeply discounted price. Learn more about our pricing and discounts here.

I don’t live in the United States. Will you be able to ship to my fertility clinic?

We ship to clinics in Canada via our partner, CAN-AM Cryoservices, and to certain regions in Brazil and Mexico, Australia and Israel. Please contact us to assess if we will be able to ship donor eggs to your clinic.

I plan on using donor sperm from Fairfax Cryobank. How can I coordinate the shipment of both donor sperm and donor eggs?

Your Fairfax EggBank Client Relations Specialist can assist on facilitating the shipment process. Contact us for more information.

Success and Outcomes of Frozen Donor Eggs

What is the science behind frozen donor eggs?

Fairfax EggBank uses the most advanced technology available, called vitrification, to freeze our donor eggs. In laymen’s terms, vitrification can be considered a “flash freeze” method. Until a few years ago, egg freezing wasn’t very common, but when it was attempted, it was done through a slow freeze technique.

The old fashioned, slow-freeze method had limited success because ice crystals would form within the egg and destroy its internal structure. By contrast, vitrification greatly minimizes the formation of ice crystals because the freezing is done so quickly and because of the use of special coating around the eggs called “cryoprotectants.”

In our close laboratory analysis, we observe that eggs that have been vitrified are virtually the same as freshly retrieved eggs. They appear very similar under the microscope, they fertilize at nearly the same rate as fresh eggs do and the resultant embryos grow and divide (progress) in the same manner.

What’s the difference between fresh and frozen donor eggs?

In a frozen donor egg cycle, the IVF cycle has already taken place, with the eggs retrieved and vitrified for use in your future treatment. Recipients using frozen donor eggs do not need to synchronize their treatment schedule with the egg donor, as is required in fresh egg donation cycles.

  1. The major benefits of using frozen donor eggs are the convenience of being able to start based on your schedule alone, rather than having to sit on a waiting list or work around the egg donor’s menstrual cycle or availability.
  2. Fairfax EggBank recipients have the peace of mind of knowing that the eggs have already been retrieved and vitrified so any concerns about egg donor compliance, cycle cancellation, and response to medications are no longer issues.
  3. Cost is almost always less when using frozen donor eggs and it is also more predictable. This is true in part because many of the variables in a fresh cycle are not present in a frozen donor egg cycle. These variables include costs of egg donor medications and insurance, and the expense of making last-minute travel plans due to a donor’s response that could be faster or slower than predicted.

Learn more here.

What are Fairfax EggBank's success rates?

Success rates for donor eggs vary by clinic. More than 350 IVF clinics across the country use Fairfax EggBank for donor eggs, and our success rates are an average of those clinics. You can also read success stories from other Fairfax EggBank recipients.

I am pregnant and/or have delivered a baby using a donor from Fairfax EggBank. Should I report this to you?

Yes! News like this makes our day and validates the work we do day in and day out. Please report your success through the form here.

I’d like to convey my gratitude to my egg donor. Is there a way I can thank her?

While you won’t be able to contact your egg donor directly, we can send a message on your behalf. Just contact your Client Relations Specialist at Fairfax EggBank to work it out!

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Register to gain full access into our comprehensive donor profiles, including adulthood photos (upon submitting a photo consent form), family medical history, and personal essays. You‘ll also be able to “favorite” donors you like, print donor profiles, and more!

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