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July 18, 2023
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Fairfax EggBank egg donors are special women who dedicate themselves to the egg donation process for several months to help those who are struggling with infertility. Over the years, there have been many incredible stories from both egg donors and recipients. Read on to hear about the inspirational experiences of real egg donors through their testimonials below.

Fairfax EggBank Egg Donor Testimonials


The process of donating my eggs has been an incredible journey. After using a sperm donor to conceive, I felt a strong desire to reciprocate and help a deserving family. From start to finish, the entire process was remarkably smooth, and I also gained valuable insights about myself through the testing process, including the genetic information I carry. While I initially had some apprehension about administering my own shots and undergoing the retrieval procedure, the clinic provided ample resources and guidance to ensure my readiness. They walked me through the injection process, even providing printed calendars to help me keep track of the specific days and times. The retrieval itself turned out to be quite straightforward. The clinic prioritized my comfort upon arrival, and before I knew it, I was waking up from the procedure. Although there was some discomfort, the pain was minimal. It resembled mild menstrual cramps and subsided within a few days.
The sense of accomplishment and gratitude I felt for being able to positively impact someone’s life in this way was truly profound. I will never have any regrets about my decision, and I would willingly repeat the experience if requested without hesitation.


I have done numerous egg donation cycles at Fairfax EggBank and have always had a wonderful and easy experience at their facility. From the initial application process to the donation cycle itself, the staff is very helpful and always treats you like family. They are very informative and great with quickly answering any questions or concerns you may have. Can’t say enough good things!
Women Discussing Egg Donation Success Stories


I had such a great experience as an egg donor with Fairfax EggBank, so much so that I referred my own sister! The staff was nothing short of amazing and supportive, they made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and coached me through any questions I had. Thank you so much Fairfax EggBank you’re helping create so many families and the work that you all do is priceless.


My experiences with Fairfax Egg Bank have been phenomenal. The application process was fairly simple to navigate through and complete. It was nerve-racking to see if I had made it through the screening process, but once I received that email, I was ecstatic! I was finally able to help a family conceive a baby. Motherhood/Parenthood is very special to me, being a parent of two children. I believe that technology has opened the path to override Mother Nature for the greater good of motherhood!
Once approved, my first donation cycle went flawlessly. The self- administered injections were painless, and easy to self-inject. I had zero complications and zero pain. I went about work as normal without a hitch. On the day of my first retrieval, I checked in and was comfortable from the time I stepped into the building until after I left after my retrieval. Everything went smoothly, from the heating pads beforehand to the actual retrieval and then checking out. Afterward, I did not have to take anything for pain, not even an aspirin. It was like I never took the medications leading up to retrieval or that I went under for the egg retrieval.
It was a simple blip in my day that will lead to me donating again.
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Before I became a donor, I honestly hated going to the doctors and needles… But everyone at Fairfax Egg bank was so incredible! From the moment I met Liz during the screening process, I felt so comfortable. I never felt like I was being pressured donating or that I wasn’t getting all of the information. Liz made sure I knew everything about becoming a donor and what the entire process would be like. I was nervous about the self-injections, but Kristy, my cycle coordinator, knew it was my first time and we actually did a little test run with a saline injection together! I was AMAZED at how painless the needles were!! I really felt that I had an entire team supporting me while I donated- I’ve never felt so comfortable at a doctor’s office! If you’re thinking about becoming a donor, I highly recommend going through Fairfax EggBank! They really treat you like their #1 priority.


I cannot say enough good things about Fairfax EggBank!
My entire life has been revolved around helping people and families. I am a registered bone marrow donor, I donate platelets weekly, blood every 8 weeks, and so much of my time. I’ve always had a desire to do the most I could do with my time on this planet.
I first saw Fairfax EggBank on an Instagram post, and instantly wanted to learn more. I spent some time looking into them and their mission and their past donors and knew right away this is something for me!
To give a couple the chance at a family, their dream, was definitely something I was called to do.
From the signup process to the egg retrieval, every single person that helped me was so kind and took their time with me.
I am a very friendly, easy going, and nice looking girl; yet Fairfax EggBank still wanted perfection and had every test done and evaluation to make sure I was healthy and suitable to donate. They did their homework on me and made sure that I would be great to help a family in need!
I highly recommend Fairfax for both donating and receiving eggs. I see the process I went through and just know that if you’re looking to start a family, this is where you go!
Thank you Fairfax EggBank.
Women Talking About Successful Egg Donor Experiences


This place is amazing!! Just did an egg donation through them and I had the most amazing experience. All the staff and doctors were very friendly and nice!! I would recommend this place to anyone of my family and friends!


I love love love Fairfax EggBank, not only are they an amazing company, but they are amazing at making you their number one!! After one of my best friends found out she wouldn’t be able to conceive kids on her own. I started doing research, and found that 1 out of 8 couples need help conceiving!! Throughout my search, I realized something I could do. With Fairfax EggBank I started donating, while I may not be directly helping my friend I am helping others. Which has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I am now preparing for my 5th cycle donating, and I can honestly say that Fairfax EggBank makes dreams come true.


I had my first egg donation with Fairfax August 2016 and it was nothing short of exceptional! I have donated one time before with a different fertility company and could not be happier I applied to Fairfax EggBank. They were super thorough and really take their time to work with you and make sure you are completely comfortable. They kept me informed on everything going on and always answered my questions right away. I really appreciated being kept in the circle at all times and any emails I sent asking questions or concerns were answered right away.
When donating with Fairfax EggBank I did not have to wait for a couple to pick me and wait for our cycles to be on track together compared to another clinic I previously worked with. That really stood out to me because once the intended parents are ready to try and if they pick my eggs will already be ready and neither person will have the stress of getting on the same cycle and can take their time. In my opinion, it makes everything so much smoother and less stressful.
Everyone at Fairfax EggBank is very informative and extremely nice. They definitely make it all about you and want to meet every need you have when you are thinking about donating or going through your first cycle. I had such a good experience working with them that I actually decided to donate a second time with them. I would recommend working with Fairfax EggBank to any other potential donors.
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My experience being a donor with Fairfax EggBank has been one that is both extremely rewarding and exciting. I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to have beautiful healthy babies of my own to bring into this world. At Fairfax EggBank, I have gone through as many cycles as allowed for a donor and with each one, I had completely perfect retrievals. I am so happy my donation has been through Fairfax EggBank, and hopefully to some amazing families. I hope they will experience the love and happiness of a child of their own through my donation.
I am blessed to have a body that has awarded me this opportunity. I hope that what I have offered as an egg donor has helped hopeful expectant parents to be blessed with happy, beautiful, vibrant, smart, and outgoing little ones of their own!

Becoming a Fairfax EggBank Egg Donor

Inspired to start your egg donor journey after reading these egg donor success stories? You can apply to become an egg donor today and start your own egg donation journey to help a family grow! And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, you can find more success stories written by egg donors here.

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