Finding the Perfect Egg Donor: The Frozen Donor Egg Process

April 2, 2019
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The Process To Find Your Perfect Egg Donor

Fairfax EggBank’s mission is to help you find the perfect egg donor quickly and easily. Below is the frozen donor egg process when working with us.

1. Find Your Donor

The first step of the frozen donor egg process, when visiting our website, is to register to access our donor database. Once you register, you’ll gain free access to our comprehensive donor profiles. These profiles include the medical history of the donor across three family generations, audio interviews, personal essays, and childhood photos. If you complete an online confidentiality agreement form, you’ll also be able to view the donor’s adulthood photos. Most donors have professional photos available; we advise donors to wear minimal to no makeup and instruct the photographer to take a range of shots. This way, recipients can get a close-up and dynamic view of the donor.

We’ve added features to simplify your donor search. As a registered user, you can filter the search by categories that matter to you, such as race, education, height, and hair color. You can also filter by whether you want an anonymous donor, ID Option donor (donors who consent to have donor-conceived children contact them upon reaching the age of 18), and/or GenPanel+ donor (donors who have completed an expanded genetic panel). As a registered user, you’ll be able to “favorite” and save donors, see newly added donors when you return to the site, and print donor profiles.

2. Reserve Your Donor

All donors on our website have frozen donor eggs immediately available for shipment. Once you see a donor you like, contact us immediately via phone or online form. You’ll initiate the relationship with your dedicated Client Relations coordinator. You’ll be able to rely on this coordinator to provide personalized support through every step of the process.

If you are an established donor egg patient at one of our affiliated IVF clinic partners:

As long as the donor still has egg donor cohorts available, your coordinator can place a cohort on hold immediately. (While all donors listed on our website have eggs immediately available for shipment, we do operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Again, we recommend you contact us as soon as you see a donor you like). You can purchase more than one cohort as long as the cohorts are available. Every cohort includes a minimum of six, mature eggs.

If you are NOT an established patient at an affiliated clinic:

Let your Fairfax EggBank coordinator know. Our team will initiate communication with your clinic to establish a partnership. While we won’t be able to reserve a cohort for you, we’ll work diligently and quickly to complete the partnership steps. The affiliation step includes a lab collaboration process.  This is where our embryology expert will visit your clinic’s lab to share our process and egg thawing protocol. This step is critical to maximizing the success of your donor egg treatment.

Once your coordinator places a cohort on hold for you, you’ll have two business days to decide whether you want to move forward with the cohort purchase (though, if you are choosing a GenPanel+ donor, the process is different). If you decide the egg donor isn’t for you, your coordinator will release the cohort. You can request a hold on another donor’s cohort, if available. If you’d like to move forward with the egg donor cohort, then the coordinator will move you to the next step of the frozen donor egg process. This includes completing 1) a Donor Match Confirmation – a one-page form that includes the donor ID number and shipment date, which the clinic and you will sign, 2) a Terms of Use agreement, which you will need to carefully review and sign, and 3) payment for the cohort fees.

3. Arrange Shipment of Donor Eggs

Once you complete the steps above in the frozen donor egg process, your coordinator will liaise with your IVF clinic and our lab team to confirm cohort shipment details. We will NEVER ship frozen donor eggs without explicit confirmation from your clinic’s lab that its team is ready to receive your shipment. We will securely ship your cohort via overnight shipping in a secure cryogenic tank. Typically, your clinic will let you know once the cohort arrives.

4. Undergo Transfer

Your embryology team will thaw the eggs using our protocol once they’re ready to fertilize the eggs. Typically, the IVF clinic will report the outcomes to us, though we encourage you to keep in touch with us. We care about how you’re doing. Of course, we’re also eager to know whether we’ve accomplished our ultimate mission: to help you conceive a healthy baby.

There are, occasionally, instances where our cohort didn’t meet the standards of our embryo development guarantee. In these situations, if we don’t meet our guarantee terms, you’ll be eligible to receive a replacement cohort. If you believe you might qualify for a replacement, reach out to your IVF clinic coordinator. She/he will initiate the replacement request. The IVF clinic will work with our embryology panel to provide the documentation necessary for us to review the case and determine eligibility.


We hope you find our frozen donor egg process stress-free. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Register to gain full access into our comprehensive donor profiles, including adulthood photos (upon submitting a photo consent form), family medical history, and personal essays. You‘ll also be able to “favorite” donors you like, print donor profiles, and more!

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