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Fairfax EggBank, the trusted choice for frozen donor eggs,
provides a diverse selection of pre-screened, FDA-compliant donors
to help recipients build their families.

The Fairfax EggBank Donor Database showcases one of the largest repositories for premium frozen donor eggs in the United States. We work closely with all of our donor egg recipients through each stage of the process. We are a proud supporter of frozen donor egg parents, including single parents, and couples from the LGBTQ+ Community. Together we make a family.

Our commitment to donor quality and service excellence makes us a premier, yet cost effective, solution for donor egg recipients.

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What You Need to Know

Frozen donor eggs have revolutionized possibilities for IVF treatments.

Frozen donor eggs are available when you are ready! No need to worry about timing and coordinating cycles between a donor and a recipient. If a donor is active on our website (not grayed out), those eggs are ready to be shipped. You never have to wait; once you are ready you can move forward with a Fairfax EggBank donor immediately.

Advanced genetic testing puts the power in your hands.

Knowledge is power for intended parents. Advanced genetic testing of egg donors makes it possible to identify those donors that are carriers, so intended parents can test their sperm source before embryos are created.

All newly screened donors coming into the Fairfax EggBank program are tested for an expanded list of genetic conditions. Donors are tested with the most advanced genetic screening available when they join the program. Donors with the expanded panel testing are indicated with a double helix.

Highest quality donors undergo rigorous screening, interviews, and medical testing.

At Fairfax EggBank, our donors are highly sought after. Due to our stringent requirements, less than 1% of all donor applicants are approved to our program. While we are always adding new donors to our database, due to our high standards, cohorts can become unavailable quickly.

It is important that once you make a decision to move forward with a donor, you reserve that cohort.

The Fairfax EggBank Difference – Our donor egg teams

The Fairfax EggBank experts are dedicated to helping you build your family. Passionate and caring individuals make up our premier teams.

Embryologists: Cutting edge reproductive scientists, experienced and skilled in the most advanced freezing, storage, and warming techniques.

Donor Recruitment Team: Thorough & thoughtful donor coordinators ensure Fairfax EggBank donors are held to the highest standards throughout our rigorous screening.

Client Relations Team: Committed & caring specialists are available to you every step of the way, and have developed strong relationships with IVF clinics in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Geneticists: In-house support for egg donor recipients so you can have access to everything you need in one place

Our Guarantee

Your trust in our service is paramount. Beyond our exceptional standards of care, donor screening, service, and experience, we stand behind our tried and proven processes with an Embryo Development Guarantee.

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Success Rates

93% Egg Thaw
66% Pregnancy
56% Clinical Pregnancy
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Data is collected across all IVF clinic partners. Results are an average across 340+ clinics. We have mastered a cohesive protocol across all of our IVF clinic partners. We pride ourselves on creating a program that supports any IVF clinic who becomes a partner with Fairfax EggBank to ensure the highest quality experience for our recipients. Fairfax EggBank is an open-access egg bank. Any clinic has the opportunity to partner with us. Clinic characteristics vary, so success rates fluctuate from clinic to clinic.

Success Stories

Recipient Testimonials

Experience a couple's journey to parenthood with Fairfax EggBank.


Fairfax EggBank donor egg recipients, Lori and Greg, share their experience using donor eggs. Watch this inspiring video to see why the couple made the decision to use donor eggs. Learn how they chose their donor, what their journey to conceive looked like, and what words of wisdom they have to share with aspiring egg donor recipients.


Excited and Hopeful for the Future


Our Featured Story

The Miracle Of Donor Egg Families

Forty years after the first human IVF baby was born, the world of reproductive science has grown by leaps and bounds. Simultaneously, societal changes have helped to grow the meaning of family.

Before the 1980s, if an aspiring couple struggled with female-factor infertility, the options would be to adopt a child or accept child-free living. In 1983, the first child born from egg donation set the stage for a new era in parenthood. The next two decades brought research, as well as trial and error on frozen egg donation.

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Register to gain full access into our comprehensive donor profiles, including adulthood photos (upon submitting a photo consent form), family medical history, and personal essays. You‘ll also be able to “favorite” donors you like, print donor profiles, and more!

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