How Many Times You Can Donate Eggs

Fairfax EggBank, like most reputable egg donation programs, follows the recommendations of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the governing body of reproductive medicine. Its guidelines recommend egg donors donate no more than six times in their lifetime. If a donor’s eggs result in 25 family units, however, that donor won’t be able to cycle again even if she hasn’t yet completed six cycles (This would be a rare occurrence; in fact, it has yet to happen at Fairfax EggBank).

The reason for the six-cycle recommendation is a precautionary measure. ASRM finds “no clear documented long-term risks” associated with egg donation. In the absence of data, ASRM aims to protect the donor against rare or unknown risks by capping lifetime donation cycles. At Fairfax EggBank, we take exceptional care of our donors. We monitor them carefully to reduce any risk for complications and maximize the chance for a successful egg donation cycle.

Why You May Want to Donate Eggs More Than Once

Most of our egg donors at Fairfax EggBank have donated more than one time. Here are some popular reasons they’ve cited as to why.

The Warm Feeling that You’ve Helped Others is Addictive

Because of the donor’s efforts, someone out there is going to finally have a chance to conceive a baby. The realization that the donors are making impossible dreams come true often gives them the adrenaline to donate again.

You Realize Being an Egg Donor is a Lot Less Scary Than You Thought It’d be

Some of our egg donors fear the pain of having to poke themselves with injectable medications. Others fear that the egg retrieval procedure will require some type of painful surgery. The truth is, the needles are small. Most donors get used to them quickly. Also, the egg retrieval procedure is an outpatient procedure. As an egg donor, you’d take pain meds, undergo general anesthesia, spend 20 minutes in the procedure room, relax for an hour in the recovery room – and then you’re done. Back to work/school you go the next day.

After donors realize how little pain is involved, many feel like it’s an easy decision to return to donate again. Learn more from a donor’s perspective here.

It’s Super Easy to Return for Another Cycle

If the donor is approved to return for another cycle, it’s easy to resume the process. There will be at least a one-month “break” on birth control pills between cycles. After that, all systems are a go for the donor to get started again.

The Cycles Don’t Take That Long

Each donation cycle will take only about two months (1 month of birth control pills, 2 weeks of the actual donation cycle, then 1-2 weeks until the donor’s period starts again). Since medical office visits are early in the morning and typically don’t interfere with the donor’s schedule, many donors find it easy to fit another cycle into their lives.

The Additional Compensation is Substantial

Donors receive generous compensation upon completing each cycle. The total compensation can be quite substantial when the donor does more than one cycle. With this compensation, donors have been able to make meaningful contributions such as paying off student loans, putting down payments on a house, and buying a car.

You Love Working with our Team

First-time donors are never quite sure what to expect. We surprise them with how authentic and caring our team is. Because of the high-quality care and personal support donors get throughout the process, returning to Fairfax EggBank for another cycle is that much easier.

If you’re applying to become an egg donor and not sure whether you’re ready to do multiple egg donation cycles, that’s no problem. You don’t need to make the decision now. As you go through the egg donation process and experience what it feels like emotionally and physically, you’ll also be able to sit down with our donor egg team to outline the pros and cons of doing another cycle. Ultimately, you and our donor egg team will decide together on whether doing more than one cycle is for you.

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