Benefits of Being an Egg Donor

August 8, 2017
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Have you ever considered or even heard of egg donation?

Egg donation involves donating some of your eggs to a woman with infertility issues or couples who are unable to conceive. The process itself includes applying on the Fairfax EggBank Donor Egg program website, undergoing testing to determine qualification, getting accepted into their donor egg program, and completing an egg donation cycle. What are the egg donation benefits? Read below to learn more.

Why do women donate eggs?

For starters, donating eggs provides the most crucial thing an individual or couple needs if they’re having difficulties with conceiving due to egg quality. Donating eggs will not deplete your own supply quicker, so why not donate eggs that you’d naturally lose and have no use for anyway?

All of our donors donate for altruistic reasons; in fact, through extensive screening, Fairfax EggBank eliminates any donors who we believe are strictly in it for the money. Some women donate because they, as mothers themselves, want to provide that gift of motherhood to someone else. Other women have seen a friend or relative suffer from infertility, and want to make a difference by supporting a stranger in need. We also have women who don’t plan on having kids in the future, so figure they’ll donate their eggs to someone who’ll make use of them. The reasons to donate, as you can see, are plentiful.

To learn more about what donating your eggs further entails, check out our page regarding the Egg Donation Process, which has diagrams and a video to help illustrate what the egg donation process looks like for a potential new donor.

Egg Donation is A Generous Gift with Generous Rewards

Egg donation does take a special kind of woman who understands the incredible gift that she is donating.

Because Fairfax EggBank considers their donors to be so amazing and understands how intensive the process is, donors are provided generous monetary reimbursements after completing an egg donation cycle. Donors at Fairfax EggBank won’t need to wait to be selected by a recipient; they can cycle as soon as they’re passed screening and testing requirements.

There are other benefits that donors receive throughout the process:

  • On top of the final donation reimbursement, donors are paid for completing the testing and screening phase. So even if you don’t make it all the way through or decide not to donate in the end, you’ll be reimbursed for all of the time and effort you put into each stage.
  • Donors will be insured to cover any medical expenses related to their donation cycle. In addition, they’ll receive thousands of dollars’ worth of free medical and genetic testing.
  • Fairfax EggBank doesn’t underestimate the power of referrals; as a donor, you’d be eligible to earn up to $1,000 each time you refer someone who ends up cycling as a donor.

Past egg donors have written blog posts or created testimonial egg donor videos regarding their personal experiences with the donation process, and how donating their eggs helped them financially. When you donate your eggs, you not only open up opportunities for couples with fertility issues, you open up countless opportunities for yourself as well.

For more information on donor reimbursements, contact our team or take a look at our egg donor commonly asked questions or FAQ page

Egg Donation Reimbursement– What does it pay?

We want to give women the opportunity to donate their eggs to a recipient or couple who will benefit from them and then thank our donors in a way that will benefit them as well.

How much reimbursement can you earn through egg donation? Well, that depends on what state and even city you live in. The amount of donation pay varies based on where you donate, since the level of reimbursement also depends on the cost of living. Therefore, if you’re a donor in San Francisco, the reimbursement is higher than if you’re a donor in say, Iowa. It’s similar to how the job market works: for the same exact position and responsibilities, a salary would be higher in San Fran than in Iowa.

Many women use their egg donor money to help pay college loans or debts, or even donate it to their favorite charity. You have the freedom to choose how you wish to use your egg donor money just as you have the freedom to choose to do an amazing, selfless thing for someone else. We want our donors to have a positive experience from start to finish, and will make every effort to care and support them through the process.

Contact us directly if you don’t find your answer there, we are happy to help!

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