Balancing the Egg Donation Process with Your Schedule and Your Life

If you’re considering egg donation, a lot of your questions are probably about time. How much time will it take? Will I have to miss school or work? How can I fit the process into my day to day life? You owe it to yourself to get a clear understanding of the time involved in the egg donation process and how it affects your schedule.

How much time does the donation process take?

You’ve been interviewed, gone through your medical screening, and been accepted into the program. Now it’s time to begin the monitoring process. After you begin to administer your medication, you will come in for six to eight appointments over a two week period. These appointments will be about 30 minutes long and will be scheduled in the morning. During these appointments, you’ll have your blood drawn, and your ovaries will be monitored with an ultrasound. These appointments can be easily fit into your daily work or class schedule.

What about egg retrieval day?

After the two week preparation, your egg retrieval will be scheduled. As with all minor medical procedures, this is a day you’ll want to take off from work or school so you can take it easy. The next day, you should be ready to return to your normal routine. (There may be a follow-up appointment so we can make sure you’re feeling all right—we’re committed to the health and well-being of our donors.)

Those are the basics when it comes to the time commitment—but there are a few tips to keep in mind for fitting egg donation into your life with as little disruption as possible.

Plan Ahead

One of the greatest benefits to donating eggs at a frozen egg bank, is that you’re in charge of the schedule. You don’t have to wait to be matched with a recipient, or wait for your menstrual cycle to be paired with hers. This gives you the ability to plan ahead when it comes to donating your eggs. You can schedule the process for a slow time at work, or a break between classes. You’ll be able to work with your coordinator to plot out the optimal time for you.

Choose Your Location

We offer convenient clinic locations around the country that make it easy for you to donate eggs. Through our travel program, candidates from other locations may also be eligible to donate. That’s another benefit that comes with donating with Fairfax EggBank: your eggs can be shipped to a patient in need around the country, no matter where you donate.

Be Flexible

Cut yourself a little slack during this time, and try not to pack your schedule too tightly. Appointments may be rescheduled, or an extra monitoring appointment might be needed. By planning ahead, you can choose times that will let you have a more flexible schedule during this important time. Not having to worry about work deadlines or finals will mean less stress for you.

Thinking ahead while being adaptable are ways you can minimize the disruption to your schedule during egg donation. At Fairfax EggBank, we recognize the time commitment our donors put into the process.

Your time is valuable—and time is one reason why we believe in generous compensation for our generous donors. Contact us if you would like more details about the egg donation process.