We make the egg donation process straightforward by simplifying the steps and answering any question you have along the way.


Once you read our requirements and determine you’re eligible to become an egg donor, apply online.


You’ll undergo screening, where you’ll receive thousands of dollars worth of free medical and genetic testing. You’ll also earn a $200 reward upon completion.


If you pass the medical and genetic testing requirements, you’ll be accepted into our egg donor program. You’ll earn an additional $300 reward upon acceptance.


Be generously compensated for your efforts every time you complete an egg donation cycle. If eligible, you can donate up to 6 times!


Our egg donation process is simple! Need a further breakdown? Below is the step-by-step egg donation process of what you can expect as an egg donor. In general, the overall process takes about 4-7 months. We’ll do our best to work around your schedule so that you can integrate the egg donation process easily into your busy life.

Rest assured, we’ll discuss all the details of the program with you during the screening process and information sessions. We’re here to answer all of your questions.

Checking Eligibility for being an egg donor

Review our eligibility requirements and FAQ’s about the program first. If you’re eligible and ready to become an egg donor, you can start the process by applying online. Our head geneticist and donor egg coordinators will review your application.

Interview for becoming an egg donor

Next, your egg donor coordinator will contact you to schedule an information session and interview. During the interview, your coordinator will go over the details of the entire egg donation process and answer any questions you may have. You’ll also complete basic fertility testing and undergo a drug screening test.

Medical evaluation for becoming an egg donor

You’ll visit the local clinic 1-3 times for medical exams. These include a physical exam, a psychological evaluation, screening for genetic and infectious diseases, hormone testing, and a vaginal ultrasound. These tests, worth thousands of dollars but given at no cost to you, will give you valuable insights into your current health and genetic background.

Being accepted into egg donation process

Once all of your testing and screening is complete, our Medical Director will review your results and we’ll notify you to let you know whether you’ve been accepted into our donor program. If you’re approved, you’ll also be upgraded in our referral program, where you’ll gain the potential to earn $1,000 every time you refer a friend who ends up becoming a donor.

Becoming part of egg donor database

You’ll complete a photo shoot with a professional photographer – these pictures will be added to your donor profile. Of note, while donor egg families will be able to see your pictures, your identity will remain confidential and anonymous (the exclusion would be if you choose to be an ID option donor, where you consent to give donor-conceived children the option to contact you upon reaching 18 years of age).

Egg Donation Cycle

The next step is the egg donation cycle. During the donation cycle, you’ll visit the clinic 6-8 times over two weeks leading up to your egg retrieval. The egg retrieval is done in an outpatient setting, where the retrieval itself takes about 20 minutes. This is the the only part of the entire process where you’ll need to take a day off of work/school to recover afterward; however you can resume normal activities the following day.

Becoming a repeat egg donor.

Most of our egg donors donate several times and find the subsequent cycles much easier (especially since all that is required is completion of Step 6!). If you’re eager to donate again and are approved to do so by our team, you’ll be able to complete up to six cycles.

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Due to the dedication, time, and effort required by participating in the donor egg program, you’ll be adequately compensated for each donation cycle you complete. Donors receive $200 upon completion of the initial medical screening tests, an additional $300 upon acceptance into the program, and several thousand dollars at the conclusion of each completed egg donation cycle. Per ASRM guidelines, the governing body of reproductive medicine, we allow donors to cycle up to six times in their lifetime. Typically, donors donate several times. The success of previous cycles along with the donor’s eagerness to donate again determine how often the egg donor will ultimately donate.

If you’re evaluating several donor egg programs, know that our compensation structure is different from a typical donor egg agency that specializes in fresh donor egg cycles. We’re a frozen donor egg bank, allowing you to  start an egg donation cycle right after you’re accepted into our program. This makes the egg donation process much quicker. Furthermore, since you don’t need to wait until a recipient chooses you to be her/his egg donor, you have a stronger guarantee of being compensated quicker and in the full amount.