Can I Donate Eggs with My Tubes Tied?

Can I Donate If My Tubes are Tied?

So, you decided you definitely don’t want to have babies in the future, and opted for permanent birth control. You went ahead and got a tubal ligation. Fast forward to today and now you’re considering the benefits of becoming an egg donor. But you ask yourself “can I donate eggs with my tubes tied?”

Short answer? Absolutely.

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Tubal Ligation and Your Fertilitycan i donate eggs with my tubes tied

First off, don’t think you’re asking a silly question. In fact, we get this question from aspiring egg donors all the time.

We get why the answer isn’t intuitive or straightforward. By getting your tubes tied (aka getting a tubal ligation or tubal sterilization), your doctor sealed off your fallopian tubes so that your eggs can’t travel down to the uterus and fertilize with sperm. You made a permanent change to your reproductive system so that you are no longer fertile. Therefore, shouldn’t the logic hold that you’d be ineligible to donate eggs?

Why You Can Still Donate Eggs

1. Your eggs are still good.

Even though you got your tubes tied, you still ovulate every month (unless you’re menopausal or have abnormal reproductive function).  Your eggs are still maturing and every month your ovaries release an egg. Therefore, you still have perfectly good eggs that can be used for egg donation.

pregnant after donating eggs2. We don’t need your fallopian tubes to be functional in order to extract eggs.

After approximately 8-12 days of medication and appointments, our Medical Director will retrieve your eggs through an outpatient procedure that takes place with the use of anesthesia. It’s a simple outpatient procedure that takes about 20 minutes (it’s so easy that most donors go back to resuming normal activities the very next day!). He’ll extract eggs from your follicles in your ovaries via vaginal needle aspiration under ultrasound guidance.
As you can see clearly from the diagram, the fallopian tubes aren’t involved in the egg retrieval procedure.

So, Should You Go Ahead and Donate Eggs?

So, to answer your question: “can I donate eggs with my tubes tied?” Tubal ligation will not prohibit you from donating eggs. Many of our egg donors have donated after getting their tubes tied. We are so appreciative that while you don’t plan on having any kids in the future, you’re looking to give someone else that gift of life.

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We encourage you to read our eligibility criteria to see what else is required in order to become an egg donor. Once you see you’re qualified, take the first step by completing our online application.