12 Signs You’d Be A Great Egg Donor

June 25, 2021
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If you have ever considered donating your eggs but weren’t too sure if you would be a good fit, here are 12 signs that you would make a great egg donor:

Personal Attributes

1. You are empathetic

If you are an empathetic person, you do your best to understand what it might feel like to be a woman wanting to start a family but can’t due to infertility. One of the greatest gifts women have is the ability to create and carry their own baby. Women who struggle with infertility don’t get the same opportunities as others, but you have the chance to give them the family they deserve.

2. You have a desire to help others

Donating your eggs is a very personal gesture and a decision that should be made based off of your desire to help someone start a family. When considering donating your eggs remember the positive impact you are going to make on someone’s life.

3. You may know someone who has struggled to conceive

Knowing someone who struggles with infertility is very common and may be the reason you decide to help others in the same situation.

4. You can commit

Donating your eggs is a process that typically takes around 5 months, from beginning the application to completing your first donation cycle. Being able to commit is important because a lot of time and effort goes into donating eggs for everyone involved. At Fairfax EggBank, you will be reimbursed along the way for your time, effort, and commitment.

5. You want to give back to society, but are not sure how

There may have been personal choices you have made in your life that you would like to feel better about. Helping another by giving them a chance to have a family may be just the way you can do this.

Physical Hobbies and Traits

6. You live a healthy lifestyle

If you are a healthy female that leads an active lifestyle with a BMI between 18-26 you could be a great fit. The health of our donors is very important and to ensure that we are selecting the right donors we ask that your BMI is provided, this will be checked regularly throughout the process to ensure you are in tip-top shape. For more information on why your BMI is important, see Egg Donation and BMI.

7. You support modern science and innovations

The world of science is constantly evolving and you have the chance to be a part of it! Due to frozen egg technology and advancements in modern science, women who cannot carry now have the ability to select donor eggs immediately and start a family, something that was never conceived of even 15 years ago.

8. You are between the ages of 19-30

This age restriction is a necessity in the egg donor world; we want to ensure we are offering the very best quality to our recipients. The ages of 19-30 are ideal for the highest quality of eggs and still leaves the donor the ability to conceive as well. We have it to maintain safety for our donors and the success of donor egg recipients. For more information on why your age is critical, read Why Does An Egg Donor’s Age Matter?

9. You don’t smoke

During the egg donation process, donors will take a series of medications which include birth control pills and injectable hormones, to increase the egg count. Smoking while on birth control or on the injection medications can cause serious health problems and diminish the quality of your eggs. Fairfax EggBank wants to keep all of our donors healthy. To do so, we have to input certain restrictions to reduce the risk of further complications.

Other Signs You’d be a Great Egg Donor

10. You can provide 3 generations of family medical history

As part of our screening, we check for serious genetic conditions that can potentially be passed on to offspring. We do everything we can to give our recipients the best chances of having a healthy baby.

11. You are willing to undergo a psychological evaluation

Part of our screening process includes undergoing a psychological evaluation to make sure you are mentally healthy and able to donate. We also go through this process to make sure you feel fully informed and emotionally ready and we will take the time to go through each step with you.

12. You believe money isn’t everything (though it helps!)

Our egg donors give our recipients something priceless – hope. A great egg donor is not driven to donate their eggs for the monetary gain but understands the huge gesture they are going through to give someone the gift of life and change someone’s life for the better.

If you think you relate with these 12 signs of being a great egg donor apply today and get started on making a couple’s dream come true!
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