Our Favorite Donor Egg Blogs

Our Favorite Donor Egg Mom Blogs

At Fairfax EggBank, our team’s top priority is providing our recipients with the level of care and service they deserve. We aim to help minimize stress throughout their journey and help them achieve their goals to conceive and build a family of their own. Many of our donor egg recipients come to us looking for donor egg success stories. Below is a list of our favorite blogs that share the journeys of women who chose to share their story of starting a family through using an egg donor. While these are not all Fairfax EggBank recipients and the process and experiences they had may not be the same, their stories and advice can provide you will some insight as you pursue your own journey with IVF treatment using donor eggs.

Trisha’s Journeyhttps://www.fairfaxeggbank.com/blog/trishas-journey-to-motherhood/
Trisha is a donor egg mom or donor egg recipeient who shared her donor egg success story on our blog.  She is a 38 year old working professional who had gone through seven failed IUI and three failed IVF cycles using her own eggs before she decided to reach out to Fairfax EggBank. Her story is told through a series of blog posts which take readers through her decision to use frozen eggs, finding the right egg donor, and the medical processes she went through

PVED (Parents Via Egg Donation) http://blog.pved.org/

Parents Via Egg Donation, or PVED, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created to provide an informational and supportive environment where parents and parents-to-be can learn and share information about all facets of the donor egg ivf process. They blog information about agencies, legal and medical professionals, treatment centers, mental health therapists, pharmaceutical companies, and other resources.

Facebook: @parentsviaeggdonation

Twitter: @pved

A Chick and Eggs https://chickandeggs.com/

This one is the journey of a women who states she’s “an infertile chick who made a baby with some other chick’s eggs. Which is weird,” and decided to blog about it using a good dose of humor to approach the subject of egg donation. She discusses her timeline of infertility as well as the trials and tribulations of being pregnant. One reader commented with “thanks for the laughs – I really need them.”

DE Mommy http://demommy.blogspot.com/

Here is “a family’s journey to adding a sibling (or two!) through anonymous donor eggs” after trying various methods to become pregnant and experiencing a great deal of heartache. She eventually became pregnant with twins and continues to blog about her family life.

My Path to Mommyhood http://mypathtomommyhood.blogspot.com/2013/04/anatomy-of-egg-donor-cycle.html

Jess is a married 40 year old special education teacher who has been on the path to mommyhood for seven years. She invites readers to follow her on “the crazy, hopeful, discouraging, funny, and ultimately successful (one way or another) path to parenthood while facing infertility.” This was a 2012 Night of Hope nominee for “Best Blog.” She also shares links to “Useful Reads” about both infertility and adoption.

EGGtraordinary: Our Journey to Egg Donation http://journey2eggdonation.blogspot.com/

Hope was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure nine years ago but beat the odds and was able to have her own genetic child. She decided to grow her family further through egg donation, eventually having twin girls.

The Egg Donor http://eggciteddonor.blogspot.com/

From the perspective of a woman donating her eggs, this blog follows her journey as a four-time donor. As someone considering egg donation to start your family, it may be interesting to hear things from the point of view of the donor.

Twitter: @EggDonorDiva

Don’t Count Your Eggs http://dontcountyoureggs.typepad.com/blog/donor-eggs/

Maya is 35 and claims she has “tried anything and everything we could because time and options were running out.” She and her husband were able to conceive via embryo donation but her story includes posts about infertility, procedures, and coping before, during, and after she was able to start her family. Her blog was nominated in 2014 and 2015 for the Night of Hope “Best Blog.”

Twitter: @eggcountingal


Fairfax EggBank is confident in the quality of its egg donors, the expertise of its scientists, and the experience it has in freezing eggs. We hope that these blogs helped answer some questions about the journey of using donor eggs with ivf you may have. If you would like more information, please feel free to Contact Us.