4 Reasons Why Customer Service Matters in the Donor Egg IVF Process

January 29, 2016
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If you could go back in time, would you have considered doing a donor egg IVF cycle earlier in your treatment process?

This was one of the questions we asked in a research survey a couple of months back. The respondents – donor egg recipients – all responded with a pensive, but emphatic, no. “I’ve been through so much heartache experiencing numerous failed IUI and IVF cycles. We’ve invested more money than we could have imagined. But I needed to go through it all in order to get to this point and finally be open to using someone else’s donor eggs. I have no regrets,” one recipient explained.

We understand this path that recipients need to take. We also know that by the time they’ve picked up the courage to contact us, many feel they are at the end of their rope, and are exhausted and overwhelmed. We’ve experienced the journey with countless number of donor egg recipients and beyond all else, we know one thing to be true: compassion is critical.

Let’s explore why the human factor in working with a donor egg bank makes such a difference with your frozen donor egg experience. It makes every stage of the journey smoother for recipients—and Fairfax EggBank is committed to providing it.

The egg donation process can be confusing

The use of frozen donor eggs, while now a common option for treating infertility, is still an advanced and complex medical technology. If you’re not a scientist or doctor specializing in reproductive medicine, it’s easy to get confused by the terminology and the process of using donor eggs for IVF.

At Fairfax EggBank, our expert donor egg coordinators keep things simple and communicate complex concepts into understandable terms for our recipients. They also walk recipients through each step, taking the time to address any questions or concerns. We reduce stress and worry by keeping the whole process, from egg donor selection to clinic coordination and shipping, as quick, uncomplicated, and convenient as possible.

Multiple recipients might be vying for the same donor eggs

Say, that after months of searching egg donor databases, you finally find the one. Your heart pounds as you consult with your partner, who also quickly agrees that this donor is the one you have both being waiting for, and that you should contact the egg bank immediately to learn more about this egg donor.

Imagine how frustrated you would feel if you call the company and find it’s extremely difficult to get in touch with a live representative. And that once you get in touch with a representative via email, you realize you need to complete mounds of paperwork and pay a fee just to access the donor’s full profile. Then imagine, after finally submitting the paperwork to reserve the donor, you get an email back saying that someone else beat you to the paperwork and secured the donor that you wanted to be your own.

We never wish for those experiences to happen to any of our recipients. At Fairfax EggBank, our large, experienced team prides itself on responsiveness and simplicity. We provide dedicated live support from the beginning of the process to make sure each recipient’s unique needs are taken care of. We also keep paperwork simple and easy to process. This all helps clients quickly secure their desired donor.

Positivity makes a world of a difference

For those who consider egg donation to be a private experience, it can be easy to feel alone, especially when there are few people to confide in and when so few people talk about egg donation publicly. Compartmentalizing feelings can exacerbate the emotions of the recipient, making them feel further stressed and worried that their dream of having a baby won’t ever come true.

Our client services team is always available to listen to the recipient, and provides support that many times pleasantly surprises the recipient since the support is heartfelt and genuine. Our staff has developed relationships with many recipients who have successfully conceived through a Fairfax EggBank egg donor, and recipients find that the success stories and words of encouragement we share are uplifting in helping them feel positivity during their journey.

Recipients deserve the human factor

Recipients should be treated with the utmost care when they start the egg donor searching process, yet too often, they have trouble accessing customer support and work through the process via automated messages and paperwork transactions.

Recipients deserve much more than this. They deserve support and care from a human being, and most of all, a champion who is committed to their success.

Fairfax EggBank doesn’t want recipients to feel like they’re dealing with impersonal machines. Instead, experienced and caring team members provide the human touch in a complex process.

Excellent customer service happens through commitment. It happens through a thoughtful approach, a caring attitude, and a lot of experience. Fairfax EggBank has a large, seasoned team who are excited to serve recipients efficiently, but also warmly. After all, couples choosing to use frozen donor eggs to build their families have gone through so much already. We think they deserve the best customer service possible.

Please contact us to talk to one of our fantastic donor egg coordinators. They will answer all of your questions and explain everything you need to know!

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