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Donating Eggs In Skokie, IL

Women living in Skokie, IL and in Cook County are invited to apply to become egg donors with Fairfax EggBank. We’re one of the most experienced egg banks in the nation, giving the gift of family to those who cannot conceive a child naturally.

As an egg donor, you can take joy in knowing that you’re helping a family in need. Plus, we ensure that qualified applicants are well-reimbursed for their time and effort. During your egg donation cycle, our team will always be on hand, lending their experience and compassionate care to ensure your health and safety.

More and more individuals turn to donor eggs to build their families. We’re seeking healthy women in Skokie and the surrounding area between ages 19-30 who meet our requirements to become egg donors. To learn more about the egg donation process, read on.

Skokie, IL Egg Donors

Where Our Egg Donor Clinic is Located in Illinois

Illinois egg donor clinics are located in Skokie, Oak Brook, Oak Lawn and downtown Chicago, Illinois. This ensures that qualified egg donors have a convenient location to complete the process. We request that those who wish to become egg donors live within two hours of one of our partner clinics. 

The Process for Skokie, IL Egg Donors

You may be wondering what the egg donation process is like. We take the time to make sure that our egg donors are fully aware of the process, so they understand the commitment. The process from beginning to end is clear and straightforward:

  • Application: We ask that you read through our eligibility requirements before applying to be sure you meet our criteria. Once you fill out the online application, it will be reviewed by our team of egg donor coordinators as well as our head geneticist.
  • Screening process: Our screening process involves thousands of dollars of both genetic and medical testing provided at no cost to you. This step allows us to determine whether your health and genetic background meet our requirements. After the screening, you’ll receive $200.
  • Acceptance: After getting screened, you’ll be notified as to whether or not you’re accepted into our egg donation program. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive an additional $300.
  • Egg donation cycle: The reason we require egg donors to live within two hours of one of our partner clinics is that you’ll need to come for six to eight appointments at the Illinois location closest to you leading up to the egg retrieval procedure. The procedure itself, however, takes only about 20 minutes. If our staff approves, you can donate up to six separate times.

Egg Donor Requirements

At Fairfax EggBank, we have exacting requirements that our egg donors must meet to be accepted into our program. These are industry standards that are set by ASRM and the FDA.

Unfortunately, that means that not everyone who applies can become an egg donor.

Some of the basic requirements include:

  • Age limit: Between 19 and 30
  • BMI: In the 18 to 26 range
  • Good overall health: No reproductive irregularities, no smoking
  • Comprehensive medical history: Three generations of family medical history
  • Education: At least a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Time commitment: Ability to commit at least five months to each egg donation cycle

Apply to Become An Egg Donor Today

If you’re a woman who meets our eligibility requirements who is living in Skokie or the surrounding area, we appreciate your interest in becoming an egg donor with Fairfax EggBank. To begin the process, simply fill out our online application today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us