Interview with IVF Babble Magazine

At a recent medical conference, we met Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page, founders of IVF Babble, a fresh new website that offers expertise from fertility experts, the latest news in the fertility field, and a community for those embarking on the IVF journey. As we are always looking for support resources for our egg donor recipients, we interviewed Tracey and Sarah to learn more about what IVF Babble offers.

What inspired you to start IVF babble? What’s your vision for the website and where do you see IVF babble in 5 years?

First, may we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Tracey and Sara, two women who have been through IVF treatment and are now thrilled to say, both proud mums to twin girls. Our journeys were not straightforward at all, with Sara’s treatment lasting 4 years and Tracey’s taking almost 10. Along the way we both experienced major setbacks, all of which were handled with confusion, disbelief and fear due to a lack of clear information and support.

We made the decision a couple of years ago that although we didn’t have sufficient support when we were going through treatment, we could do something to help others. We live in an online world, where people want information 24/7, at the touch of their fingertips, so it made perfect sense to create a website with a difference – a beautifully presented, fresh, well informed and accurate online magazine.

We only launched in November but we are well on our way to reaching our goal of becoming the go to place for everything fertility related.

What kind of content and resources can a visitor expect to find there?

The message we want to get across to our readers through our articles is ‘diagnosis is key’. Our articles will help you understand possible reasons as to why you can’t conceive. Armed with this knowledge, you can talk to your doctor with clarity, about the options available to you.

On the website you will find expert advice for every path to parenthood, whether that be IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, sperm donation, egg donation, or embryo donation.

Alongside the expert advice, you will read stories from those that have experienced fertility treatment. Sharing stories has the most comforting and calming effect.

You will also discover a wealth of information on well-being such as nutrition, acupuncture, massage, fitness and a balanced mind.

We bring you the latest fertility news from around the world, and of course no magazine would be complete without a celebrity story. I think we can all say, it inspires us and makes us realize even more so that we’re not alone when a celeb ‘comes out’ and shares their IVF experiences.

Where can we find information on donor eggs on your site?

There is much information to be found on egg donation on the website. Simply click on the donor box in the carousel on the homepage and you will be taken straight through to your own page, full of articles and stories.

Do you offer support networks?

We provide information on support networks for our readers, but we too offer support in varying ways. You can email us to put a query to one of our experts, or you can come along to one of our events and actually meet the experts, alongside other men and women who have been through fertility treatment.

In the next few months we will be launching a social network platform called IVF buddy. It will allow you to search for clinics and support groups in your area, as well as a buddy going through the same as you …an ‘around me’ for everything fertility so to speak.

What words of encouragement do you have for others on their infertility journey?

We know only too well how low fertility challenges can make you feel. Trying to remain positive in a world full of pregnant women is very, very difficult. Advice like ‘try to stay positive’ is not the best advice. Instead, we would say it’s important to understand why you can’t conceive and talk to your doctor about the best option for you with regards diagnostic and fertility treatment.

Do not just jump straight into IVF. Look at the options available to you and choose one that is right for you. Get yourself well mentally and physically. Eat well, talk to your partner or a close friend. Don’t bottle things up.

This is a journey, so be prepared that it may take a while. Do as much as you can to prepare. Breathe, open your eyes and be empowered by understanding your options and the process as you move forwards on your path to parenthood.


2017 Calendar for Fertility and IVF Professionals

The following calendar is intended for professionals serving in the fertility, reproductive medicine, and advanced reproductive technology field.

Back by popular demand, we now have the 2017 calendar for reproductive medicine and A.R.T. professionals ready for you to download!

We created this calendar to help professionals in our industry be mindful of relevant events, observances, and fertility and IVF conferences throughout the year. These events are united in their aim to spread awareness, advance education, and provide appreciation to tireless colleagues helping patients conceive.

To download the free calendar, complete with conference hyperlinks, click here. Would you prefer a calendar for your wall? E-mail us so that we can send you a professionally printed copy!

Notable events, observances and conferences:


1/6-7 (Fri-Sat): Sixth Southwest Embryology Summit


3/22-26 (Wed-Sun): The 65th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society

3/30 (Thurs): National Doctors’ Day


4/23-29 (Sun-Sat): Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

4/23-29 (Sun-Sat): National Infertility Awareness Week®

4/26 (Wed): Administrative Professionals’ Day

4/28-29 (Fri-Sat): Embryologist’s Summit Conference

4/27-30 (Thurs-Sun): The Donor Egg Meeting


5/5-6(Fri-Sat): New England Fertility Society 15th Annual Meeting/2nd Quarterly Meeting


5/6-12 (Sat-Fri): National Nurses Week

5/14-20 (Sun-Sat): National Women’s Health Week

5/18-20 (Thurs-Sat): American Association of Bioanalysts Educational Conference


6/15-17 (Thurs-Sat): Midwest Reproductive Symposium 2017

6/12-18 (Mon-Sun): Men’s Health Week


7/2-5 (Sun-Wed): ESHRE Annual Meeting

7/16-19 (Sun-Wed): 30th Annual IVF and Embryo Transfer Conference


PCOS Awareness Month

9/14-16 (Thurs-Sat): Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society 61st Annual Meeting


10/4-8 (Wed-Sun): 19th World Congress on IVF

10/28-11/1 (Sat-Wed): 73rd Annual Meeting of the ASRM

10/15 (Sun): Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

10/16 (Mon): Boss’ Day


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2016 Calendar for Fertility Professionals

Need key events for 2017? Download our 2017 calendar here.

The following calendar is intended for professionals serving in the fertility, reproductive medicine, and advanced reproductive technology field.

We created the following 2016 calendar to help professionals in our industry be mindful of relevant events, observances, and fertility and IVF conferences throughout the year. These events are united in their aim to spread awareness, advance education, and provide appreciation to tireless colleagues helping patients conceive.

To download the free calendar, complete with conference hyperlinks, click here.

Notable events, observances and conferences:


Monday, 1/4-5 – Fifth Southwest Embryology Summit


Wednesday, 3/9-13 – The 64th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society

Wednesday, 3/30 – Doctor’s Day


Friday, 4/1-3 – New England Fertility Society 14th Annual Meeting/2nd Quarterly Meeting

Sunday, 4/24-30 – Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Sunday, 4/24-30 – National Infertility Awareness Week®

Wednesday, 4/27 – Administrative Professionals Day

Thursday, 4/28 – The Donor Egg Meeting


Friday, 5/6-12 – National Nurses Week

Sunday, 5/8-14 – National Women’s Health Week

Thursday, 5/12-14 – American Association of Bioanalysts 60th Anniversary Educational Conference


Thursday, 6/16 – Midwest Reproductive Symposium 2016

Monday, 6/13 – Men’s Health Week


Sunday, 7/3-6 – ESHRE Annual Meeting

Sunday, 7/17-20 – 29th Annual IVF and Embryo Transfer Conference

Monday, 7/25 – World Embryologist Day


PCOS Awareness Month


Saturday, 10/15-19 – 72nd Annual Meeting of the ASRM

Saturday, 10/15 – Pregnancy and Infertility Loss Awareness Day

Sunday, 10/16 – Boss’ Day


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Support and More: Infertility Resources


If you’re struggling with infertility, the world can feel a little lonely at times as you navigate a sea of options. But you’re not alone. Many people are going through the same thing you are, and they can offer support, advocacy, and information. Here’s a short roundup of organizations, support and educational web sites, and infertility blogs we recommend.

  • RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a well-known national organization advocating for and supporting infertility patients. They offer support groups around the country, publications, a directory of providers, and much more. They also advocate on a national and local level for policies and legislation that affect the infertile community. The Walk of Hope is their annual community and fundraising event; see if there’s one near you! They also sponsor National Infertility Awareness Week every year.
  • is the patient-centered site from The American Society for Reproductive Medicine. It’s an exhaustive guide to fertility, with a complete topics index, lists of publications, and directories of providers. You can also keep up on the latest scientific studies and discoveries in the fertility field.
  • People dealing with infertility know how emotionally difficult it can be. The Infertility Therapist is a recently restarted blog addressing the emotional aspects of experiencing infertility. It’s written by Lisa Rouff, PhD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in infertility counseling.
  • Trained therapists can help with individual sessions, workshops, and support groups. Try asking your own clinic to see if they have any recommendations for therapists specializing in infertility issues. For example, The Genetics & IVF Institute, our parent company, offers support groups and workshops for fertility patients in Northern Virginia with professional therapist Phyllis F. Martin. RESOLVE provides a thorough list of professional services around the country aimed at infertility patients and features a directory of mental health specialists.
  • Creating a Family is the national adoption and infertility education organization, offering blogs, radio shows, and much more. They pride themselves on being an unbiased source of information about all things related to family building. Recently they hosted a radio show on Preserving Your Fertility When Diagnosed with Cancer, featuring Dr. Michelle Ottey, from Fairfax Cryobank, our sister company and Dr. Stephen Lincoln and Lauren Haring, Co-Founders of the Fertility Preservation Center for Cancer Patients at GIVF.
  • Bloggers can be a great support network if you’re feeling isolated, especially when they’re written by someone who’s already walked in your shoes. Sometimes a new perspective or a dose of humor can really help. The Infertility Voice is great jumping-off point to other blogs, more information, and support. Another blog to check out isThe Stirrup Queens. It was created by author Melissa Ford; she blogs on many topics, including infertility, and her site offers humor, insight, book reviews, links to other bloggers and peer counselors, and lots more.

These are just a few places to start looking online (and in real life) as you search for answers and hope on your infertility journey. Know of another great resource or blog to share? Please share it in our comments or on our Facebook page!