Egg Donor Recipient Stories

Need inspiration and insights into the donor egg journey? Read some blogs written by successful egg donor recipients here.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  After 4.5 LONG years (4 failed IVFs and 7 failed IUIs) of trying to conceive, we found the Fairfax Eggbank Family, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience.  After working with four different doctors and assessing about 10 other eggbanks, the moment we spoke to Holleigh, we knew we hit jackpot.  She was not only extremely responsive but also attentive and patient.  As you can imagine, during the selection process we were very picky.  But, she was very patient and punctual with responding to our inquiries for additional information on potential donors or candidates.  From start to finish, she was thorough, honest, and professional.


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“I don’t think you realize what you have given to our family. We are now excited and hopeful for the future.  When I was diagnosed with my form of infertility, which was premature ovarian failure, I was so scared and anxious about the future.  We now have a plan something to look forward to.  Please know we consider you an angel.  I thank God every day for you giving us this opportunity.  Both of us have longed for a baby for so long and because of you we are one step closer.”

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At first, I wasn’t sure how to begin to write this. After giving it some thought, I opted to start at the very beginning of my journey. For some of you it will hit home and for others, it might not. Either way, (you’ve been warned) the following is not sugar-coated, because my goal is to wake you… shake you… warn you… because nobody else did this for me.

I grew up with two parents who were not in love with each other. They got pregnant while dating. In short, they went through the motions raising me because, back then, divorces were unheard of. I swore to myself that I would never marry or get pregnant, unless I was in love. Do not get me wrong, I lived very happy and celebrated life. I had an amazing career that also helped to blaze a path for future generations, while contributing to society. Then I found … him.

Anonymous Mommy

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“I didn’t want to use an egg donor. But I did want a baby and that changed everything.

For my husband and I, we had no other options. It took me a week or more to manage the grief that my body did not have enough healthy eggs. It took another week for us to warm to the idea of egg donation. Our turning point was imagining a baby who would not genetically come from me but would be nourished by my body and bathed in my chemistry. I would be carrying and growing a baby.”

A New Mom Who Used Frozen Egg Donation

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