Fairfax EggBank Donor Egg Success Rates

Our Statistics

Since 2006, the Fairfax EggBank, through the Genetics & IVF Institute, has offered frozen donor eggs to recipients requesting donor egg IVF. For the last ten years, we have been using a technique that has consistently provided impressive results. Below are the statistics for 2016, across all clinics we work with.

2016 Fairfax EggBank Success Rates

Pregnancy rate is a percentage, calculated based on clinical pregnancy per embryo transfer. A clinical pregnancy is defined as a gestational sac observed in the uterus at roughly 6-7 weeks gestation.

About Success Rates

When comparing success rates it is important to consider the many factors that contribute to the success of an ART procedure. Some factors to take into account are:

  • The level of training and experience of the chosen ART clinic
  • The experience of the clinic’s laboratory professionals
  • The quality of services they provide

Other factors are related to the egg donor recipients themselves, such as:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • The cause of their infertility

Some clinics may be more willing than others to accept patients with low chances of success or may specialize in various ART treatments that attract particular types of patients. This may cause great variances in success rates so it is important to understand that success rates are affected by these many factors combined. The CDC offers more information about ART success rates on their website.

Fairfax EggBank Knowledge Sharing

Fairfax EggBank employs a dedicated embryology team whose sole purpose is to support affiliate IVF clinics. There are three keys we provide to ensure quality control and precise execution:

  • Proprietary thawing protocol – At the onset of the clinic partnership, our Embryology Liaison will visit your clinic’s lab to train its embryologists to learn our warming protocol.
  • Continual, on-demand lab support – We will continue to monitor each and every result as the partnership progresses. Our Embryology Liaison’s goal is to be your clinic’s collaborator in maximizing successful outcomes, and is on hand to review data and techniques with affiliate clinic partners.
  • Embryo development guarantee – We guarantee at least one good-quality embryo from a purchased cohort, giving you  the improved chance of conceiving. To learn more about the guarantee, click here.