Tiffany’s Story

I had my first egg donation with Fairfax August 2016 and it was nothing short of exceptional! I have donated one time before with a different fertility company and could not be happier I applied to FairFax. They were super thorough and really take their time to work with you and make sure you are completely comfortable. They kept me informed on everything going on and always answered my questions right away. I really appreciated being kept in the circle at all times and any emails I sent asking questions or concerns were answered right away.

When donating with FairFax I did not have to wait for a couple to pick me and wait for our cycles to be on track together compared to another clinic I previously worked with. That really stood out to me because once the intended parents are ready to try and if they pick my eggs will already be ready and neither person will have the stress of getting on the same cycle and can take their time. In my opinion it makes everything so much smoother and less stressful.

Everyone at FairFax is very informative and extremely nice. They definitely make it all about you and want to meet every need you have when you are thinking about donating or going through your first cycle. I had such a good experience working with them that I actually decided to donate a second time with them. I would recommend working with FairFax to any other potential donors.