Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s story as an egg donor started over five years ago when she was in her early 20s and just starting her marketing career in the Washington, DC area. Like many young professionals of that age, she was struggling to make the most of a modest salary. One night while talking about these challenges with friends, someone mentioned the egg donor program at Fairfax EggBank as a possible solution to Michelle’s struggle.

Shortly thereafter, Michelle looked into the egg donor program and after much research found it to be a very easy decision. She says, “I considered all of the elements involved and the potential negatives just weren’t strong enough to outweigh the positives, and in the long run, the experience turned into being more about helping someone else and less about the money.” After completing the maximum amount of cycles allowed for an egg donor, she has “absolutely no regrets.” Knowing people who have faced infertility treatment, she says “to know how much they wanted to have babies and how hard they tried to get there just made it that much more rewarding for me.”

When asked if she ever wonders about the families she helped to create, Michelle says that while it makes her very happy to have been able to help others achieve their dreams, she doesn’t over think the possibilities. “The process and the folks at Fairfax EggBank were a very important part of my life for a while, but I see it as a mission that I’ve completed. The families that have been created with my help are off doing their own thing. It’s lovely to know I could help, but now they’re on their own!”

Michelle was and still is very open with family and friends about having been an egg donor, “I have always been extremely open about it, including why I did it, how the whole process played out, and how much I trust everyone at Fairfax EggBank ” She enjoys sharing stories with friends and coworkers, which educates others about egg donation. She encourages other young women to consider donating if they feel comfortable with the idea of egg donation, as well as everything the donation process entails. While Michelle found the doctor’s visits, injections, and egg retrieval procedure to be relatively easy, she encourages someone to “trust their gut” as to whether egg donation is right for them or not.

Now, Michelle and her husband are ready to start a family of their own. With her experience as an egg donor, she feels very prepared for pregnancy because part of the journey is already familiar to her. Looking back at her history as an egg donor, she says “it’s a very big part of who I am because I did it numerous times over several years. However, it didn’t require all that much sacrifice on my end and I don’t have any regrets. Most importantly, it gave me the chance to give someone a child they wanted, which created a family. While I don’t have the chance to think about it much because I’m living my own busy life every day, when I do think about it, it sure makes me proud.”