Hope & Inspiration – A New Mom Who Used Frozen Egg Donation

“I didn’t want to use an egg donor. But I did want a baby and that changed everything.

For my husband and I, we had no other options. It took me a week or more to manage the grief that my body did not have enough healthy eggs. It took another week for us to warm to the idea of egg donation. Our turning point was imagining a baby who would not genetically come from me but would be nourished by my body and bathed in my chemistry. I would be carrying and growing a baby.

The egg donor process is not one that you can chat with coworkers about or the lady behind you in the grocery store. Its intense, it feels strange at first and is greatly misunderstood by many who know nothing about it but have strong opinions about it. The two coordinators who helped me through the process at Fairfax EggBank were incredibly valuable. They talk with families every day who choose egg donation as an option. And they talked with me. They didn’t think a single question was odd or unanswerable. They were kind and supportive. They felt like an extension of the support I was receiving from my fertility clinic.

And then…it happened. It worked. I was pregnant. I didn’t believe the pregnancy would continue, but with the egg donor, through Fairfax Egg Bank, I had a baby. She is now an 11 month old, cute-as-a-button, giggly goose. I had read that many people don’t think about the egg donor. I do. Every day. It’s amazing. Through the “gift” of a stranger, I get to be a mother. I get to walk through the door and hear my sweet baby squeal while she wraps her chubby arms around my neck. Her smile lights up a room and our lives. I am blessed.”


~ A New Mom Who Used Frozen Egg Donation ~