Thank You to My Dear Egg Donor

Thank You to My Dear Egg Donor

An egg donor recipient at Fairfax EggBank wrote this letter of gratitude to her anonymous egg donor.

Thank You to My Dear Egg Donor – A Letter to An Anonymous Donor

Dear Beautiful Lady,

There is no way I can express all that I am feeling in a letter but I will try.

I met my husband just one month before my 40th birthday. Our life has been an amazing adventure since the day we met. We have both been blessed to travel the world and experience so many fantastic things. But having children was going to be the most exciting thing ever. Sadly at 42, after our wedding when I was trying to get pregnant, the Dr. told me my eggs were just too old to produce a healthy child. My heart was broken. My dad has always told me that there is nothing guaranteed in life. But the idea of giving up and not becoming a mom one day was not a plan I could accept. I have dreamed of being a mom my whole life. There are some things in life that we just can’t control. This is one of them despite all of our IVF efforts.

It was then our Dr. mentioned Fairfax EggBank and we began the process to look online. I was initially overwhelmed with all the profiles. But then I saw a photo of you as a little girl that reminded me of one of mine taken perhaps at close to the same age. When we read your profile and kind words I said WOW, she is wonderful! We live on the water and LOVE to fish so when we read that your first childhood memory was catching a fish with your Dad, I knew in my heart you were our girl. I have so many fond memories fishing with my dad too. I know that may seem crazy, but it made me feel like we would have a similar connection to the great outdoors and zest for adventure.

You have given us hope for our future as we get ready for our IVF cycle. For that alone, we will never be able to thank you enough. But please know you are an angel and such a blessing! You are truly beautiful on the inside and out. Your courage and selfless love to others is a miracle gift!!

May your life be filled with happiness, blessed by God every day, and may all your dreams come true! Thank YOU!!

– Forever Grateful