How to Search & Use the Fairfax Eggbank Database


With so many decisions to make during the IVF process, the last thing you need to worry about is how to navigate through a database. Luckily for you, we have broken down what our egg donor database looks like and what qualifications each donor must meet to become an egg donor. Simply follow our pointers, and you’ll find the perfect donor to help you complete your family.

The Fairfax Egg Donor Database

At Fairfax, we place a high standard on who can become an egg donor. In fact, less than 1% of applicants actually become egg donors. This is because we want to give you the best chance at starting a family.

All of our donors go through an extensive medical and psychological screening process. The donors must fall within a healthy BMI (for the donor’s safety), refrain from all smoking and drug use, and pass an in-depth screening of their family history to check against potential inherited diseases or genetic disorders. For more information on our screening process, take a look at our blog post that goes step by step through the egg donor screening process.

Now that you know how we select our donors, let’s dive into the process of choosing one for yourself.

Finding An Egg Donor in 4 Steps

1. Select Your Search Criteria:

When you choose to search our database, you can specify which type of donor you are looking for. You can search for an egg donor based on a variety of criteria such as: ethnicity, hair or eye color, skin tone, blood type, RH Factor, religion, height, and/or highest levels of education.

You can choose to be as specific as you wish to help narrow down your options. For all of these categories, you may choose multiple choices such as donors with blue or brown eyes. Just select as many or as few boxes as you’d like to broaden or narrow your focus when searching for a donor.

2. Explore Your List of Donors:

From there, you are redirected to a list of donors who fall in line with the search criteria you’ve selected. Note that the more specific you are, the shorter your list of potential donors will be and vice versa.

You may choose to view your list in a grid format, which will still show all the search criteria but also include a baby photo of the donor next to their information.

3. Narrow Your Options:

The next step in the egg donor selection process is that you can start to compare donors that fall within your search criteria. Next to every donor ID is a drop-down menu with additional information that was gathered during the application process, which can be used to help in your decision-making.

You have the option to see an in-depth medical profile of the donor describing their genetic and medical background, personal behavior, and family history. Each donor has a personal profile which allows you to see a snapshot of who they are: their goals, motivations, talents, personality traits, academics, or any other family information the donor has provided.

Each donor also participates in an audio interview, which is available for you to listen to as one of the options on the pull down menu. You can also view writing samples from a set of essay question they were asked to fill out. This allows you to get a more personal feel and in-depth details about the donor.

All of this information can be viewed under the complete profile tab under the pull down menu for a complete overview about each donor.

4. Get in Contact:

Now that you’ve decided on a donor, your next step is to get in contact with FairFax EggBank and let us know which donor you wish to move forward with.

Take advantage of our Guide on How To Find and Choose The Right Egg Donor, if you’re having a hard time narrowing down your search to one potential donor.

We hope this guide to navigating our egg donor database was helpful and makes one part of a very complex process a little simpler for you. Feel free to contact us directly if you are still having trouble navigating the database.

Best of luck with starting your new family!