Encouragement from an Egg Donor to Recipients

We know the donor egg journey isn’t an easy one. Many have traveled a long and bumpy road, mired in time-consuming setbacks and heartache before reaching the decision to use an egg donor to conceive.

As you pursue the donor egg process, we thought you could use some words of encouragement from an egg donor at Fairfax EggBank. She made the decision to become an egg donor after learning of a couple at her church who suffered from infertility and went through IVF to have two baby boys – she was inspired by the advancements in reproductive medicine, and through research she learned that she could also play a pivotal role in helping a couple conceive by becoming an egg donor.

Her main words to share? She wants you to know that everything is going to be okay… and there are many out there who are eager to make sacrifices and help a stranger, such as you. Watch the short video clip below.