5th Annual Annual Jefferson Infertility Counseling Conference

Fairfax EggBank recognizes how much emotion and mental health plays a role in the egg donor field for egg donor recipients, egg donors, and partners and family members. Our donor coordinators find this conference to be one of the most valuable ones of the year, as it helps to inform improvements in servicing our recipients and donors better.


About the Conference

This conference is designed specifically for infertility counseling and sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Clinicians face ever-increasing challenges in infertility and fertility counseling due to the continual advances in assisted reproductive technologies and their associated psychological, ethical and legal issues. Day 1 is a dual track family building program focusing on fundamental concepts in reproductive medicine with an emphasis on professional documentation. Track 1 offers skills training with theory. Track 2 offers advanced topics including testing issues and oncofertility. Days 2 and 3 provide advanced interprofessional and ethics training for all attendees, and will include lectures, “real life” cases, and live interactive “psychology lab” with actors.