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Donor Match Confirmation [To Be Initiated By Clinic Personnel Only]

Once you are ready to move forward with a donor egg purchase, your coordinator at Fairfax EggBank will initiate a Donor Match Confirmation with your clinic. This documentation enables your clinic to acknowledge and authorize the donor egg purchase, and for your clinic to indicate the shipping and warming date.


ID Option Birth Registration

Did you have a baby using a Fairfax EggBank ID Option Donor? Congratulations!! In order for your child to receive Identifying Information about the donor when he/she is 18, you MUST complete and submit the ID Option Birth Registration form to Fairfax EggBank after your child is born. Merely using eggs from an ID Option donor does not allow access to the Identifying Information. If you choose not to register your child, the donor will remain anonymous and your child will not be able to access identifying information once s/he reaches 18 or older.