Fairfax EggBank’s Zika Virus Protocol


Fairfax EggBank has been closely monitoring all new information on the Zika virus in order to protect our clients.

Based on the FDA guidelines and CDC recommendations, Fairfax EggBank has further tightened its policy, effective 3/29/16, to help prevent viral transmission of Zika. These actions are conservative precautions since there is no known case of Zika virus transmission through the use of donor eggs.

Donor guidelines:

Fairfax EggBank routinely collects information from our egg donors regarding any travel to a potentially infected area and travel of their sexually intimate partners.

  • Any donor who has traveled to a Zika area will be deferred to donate for 6 months
  • Egg donors with known and/or suspected Zika virus infection will not be allowed to donate until resolution of symptoms and a deferral of 6 months
  • Any applicant moving forward in the egg donation process is advised:
    • Not to travel to areas of active Zika virus transmission, and
    • If she had sex with an individual with Zika risk factors, she will be deferred to donate for 6 months

Recipient guidelines:

  • Please consult your health care professional for guidance and recommendations.

As new information regarding the behavior of Zika becomes available, we will update our policies and inform our donors and recipients. For more information regarding Zika please refer to the Center for Disease Control webpage.

As always, we remain deeply committed to ensuring our recipients conceive healthy babies. If you have any questions for Fairfax EggBank, contact us.