Video Interview with our Egg Donor

Watch this video to learn about our donor’s motivations and experience donating eggs at Fairfax EggBank’s donor egg program.


What motivated you to become an egg donor?

Being able to help someone it’s something that I’ve always had in my mind. One day on my way to work I heard about egg donations and there are many couples having a hard time to conceive on the radio. Then I thought becoming an egg donor seemed like a fantastic thing to do so without any doubts I decided to give it a try.

Why did you choose Fairfax EggBank?
The staff Fairfax EggBank really made me feel special and as if I was a family. They are also great at working around my schedule, answering questions, and helping me with my concerns I had.
It can get busy but the staff are very kind and patient guiding me through every step.

How were the needle injections for you?
The first shot is always the hardest but after that it just got easier over time. I barely feel any pain and injections took less than five minutes a day.

What would you share with others interested in becoming an egg donor?
I’m very proud to say I am a donor. If you are curious about being an egg donor and you feel you are likely to be eligible I encourage you to do it it’s not as hard as you may think and not everyone gets to have this special opportunity to help others. I suggest you contact Fairfax EggBank and they will guide you through it.


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