Top YouTube Videos to Watch if You Want to Become an Egg Donor

If you’re considering egg donation, you may have many questions, like “What does it feel like?” “What kind of prep is involved?” “How painful is it?” “How bad are the side effects?”

Yet, you may want to hear the answers from an egg donor and not from the egg donor company. We get it. You want honest, unfiltered experiences from others who actually went through the experience. Thankfully, many women just like you have taken to YouTube to discuss their journeys as egg donors. We have gathered some of the most honest and informative videos and vlogs out there by women who made the decision to donate and who want to share their stories.

While these are not Fairfax EggBank donors, our processes and requirements may differ (learn our process through our own YouTube video here), these women give incredible insight that couldn’t be gained from simply reading a Q&A. Experiences may vary from donor to donor but these six women give a candid look into their personal journeys:

Daisy Ashcroft: My Egg Donation Experience

In this video, Daisy from the UK shares her belief that each egg is a chance for a life to be created. She hopes to help others start the family of their dreams while she herself is waiting until later in life.

Vegan Season: My Egg Donation Experience

This anonymous egg donor created a quick video overview of the egg donation process. She went through two donation cycles and shared her experience with appointments, self-injections, and the recovery process.

Jenny’s Journey: My experience as an egg donor

Jenny was a mother herself and was interested in becoming an “ID option donor”, meaning contact information can be shared with the offspring once they are at least 18 years old and if they request it. Jenny also later considered surrogacy and discusses her decision on that.

PolarBear: Before and After My Egg Retrieval

This video explores what it’s like a day before and then a few hours after the egg retrieval procedure. She was a known donor and receives updates on the child conceived using her egg. These policies vary by agency.

Rebecca A. Hunt: Egg Donation

Since she did not want children of her own, Rebecca decided to donate to couples trying to start a family. In her video series, Rebecca goes into detail on questions she gets from people about the process of egg donation. She discusses her personal moral stance on the subject of donating DNA. Her video shows how one mixes and injects the trigger shot, which is taken at a specific time before the retrieval procedure. *Language warning*

ItsJustKelli: Egg Donor Vlogs

While Kelli’s experience is a little different because she is donating eggs directly to people she knows, her vlog series provides extensive insight into the entire process from preliminary testing, to unexpected side-effects, to the rewarding outcome.


Kelli also shares her experience on Twitter and Facebook.

While the views expressed in these videos are not specific to our egg donation program, they do provide valuable insight into what it is like to be an egg donor. From evaluation, to self-injections, to the retrieval processes it is important to consider all aspects before becoming an egg donor. Now that you have heard some first-hand experiences, are you ready to learn more? Check out our FAQs for egg donors or contact us.