Give the Gift of Hope to Families – Consider Egg Donation

At Fairfax EggBank, we speak with a wide range of patients and hear their stories. We all love the excited, grateful phone calls and emails from patients who have become pregnant and are enjoying their new babies. Those happy stories make our jobs worthwhile on a personal level.

Sadly, we also share in stories of frustration and heartbreak. As young women, we look forward to exciting careers, finding the right partner and eventually starting a family.   For many of us, starting a family is something we assume will happen down the road. Most of us could not imagine a life where our traditions are not passed down to our children or where our parents are not blessed with grandchildren.

Medical science has advanced significantly, and there is hope for women who need assistance to become pregnant. More and more this hope comes in the form of egg donation and donor egg IVF. However, even when a wide range of diverse egg donors is available, sometimes Asian families, in particular, have a hard time finding the right donor.  It’s no surprise that couples look for eggs from donors that have a compatible background. Patients have usually already gone through a long process of visits to fertility specialists before deciding to build a family using donor eggs. Imagine not finding the right donor after already being on such a long journey.

This is why, more than ever, we need the precious gift of donor eggs from donors of all ethnicities. This is where you can help. If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor and want to learn more, read on for more about how you can help.

Fairfax EggBank recruits egg donors all year round. We are seeking healthy women of all ethnicities to become anonymous or ID option egg donors and help infertile couples create a family. Once accepted into our egg donor program, egg donors receive $500 upon completion of screening process, and thousands of dollars for their time and travel at the conclusion of each completed egg donation cycle. Some of our egg donors have gone on to complete 6 donation cycles and receive thousands of dollars for each completed cycle — it’s their choice as to how many times to donate. We always keep our egg donors’ identifiable information strictly confidential.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the attributes we look for in successful egg donors:

  • Healthy, educated women between ages 19 to 30
  • Reside within 2 hours of one of our partnered clinics
  • Good family medical history
  • Ability to commit to the time requirements of the egg donor program

Our egg donors provide a tremendous service to our patients. Read our egg donor stories to get three different perspectives from very special women who chose to donate eggs. If you feel you meet our above requirements, please complete our online application form at our donor site.  Consider becoming an egg donor and know that your donation represents hope to our families struggling to conceive.