Thank You From Egg Donor Recipients to their Egg Donor

As an egg donor, you want to know that all the time and effort you are putting into the donor egg process is worth it. You also want to know that your donor eggs are going to a couple who appreciates the gift you’ve given them, and that they’ll love the donor-conceived child with every cell in their body.

Meet Lori and Greg. This appreciative couple helps validate all that egg donors do to help others conceive. Their journey to becoming parents was a long one, starting in 2013: after having trouble conceiving naturally, they endured 3 rounds of failed IVF, found that Lori had poor-quality eggs, turned to adoption twice but was unable to succeed in moving through the process, and switched to another IVF clinic before making the decision to use an egg donor.

All their perseverance was worth it: after becoming donor egg recipients at Fairfax EggBank in 2017, they are now the proudest parents of a healthy little girl. Since their egg donor is anonymous, they can’t thank the donor directly – but they wanted to show just how grateful they are to their egg donor for doing “the most selfless thing” and going through the great effort of donating her eggs.

Watch the short video clip, and see just how much of what you’re doing is priceless and eternally impactful.

There are many couples out there who are in need of a compassionate and brave egg donor like you. Are you eager to help a couple like Lori and Greg? Apply to become an egg donor today.