Egg Donor Compensation and Benefits

Benefits and Compensation for Egg Donors

Egg Donor Compensation and Benefits

It’s no secret, young women are compensated substantial amounts of money for donating their eggs to egg donor programs. It makes sense. Egg donation is a serious commitment for the egg donor. But do you know how much egg donor compensation is and when donors receive them? How about the other benefits of being an egg donor?

Egg Donor Compensation for Screening and Testing

Egg donors go through an extremely thorough testing and screening. We understand this takes time and effort. That’s why we compensate donors at the three stages in the process. Let’s review:

  • The first stage is an information session and interview, a urine drug screen, and an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) level test to give us an idea of how many eggs you may be able to donate. Once this first stage is completed, prospective donors receive $50 – whether or not you go to the second stage.
  • The second stage includes a complete medical exam, a review of your medical history, a thorough overview of the donation process, a blood draw, a psychological evaluation, and the Day Three exam (this includes hormonal testing and an ultrasound exam). You’ll also need to submit other required personal documentation and photos. Sound like a lot? Once this second stage is completed, prospective donors receive $150 compensation.
  • The third stage is a thorough review and evaluation of all the medical and personal information from the second stage. If you’re accepted into the egg donor program, you receive $300.

Egg Donation Compensation

After being accepted into our egg donor program, the egg donation process can get underway as soon as you’re ready. Since you’re donating to a frozen donor egg bank, you don’t have to wait around to be matched with a prospective recipient. So how much can you get for selling your eggs? The egg donor compensation is based on your location. You can learn the compensation amount when you apply to become a donor.

We encourage our egg donors to donate again if they so choose. A typical egg donor completes a minimum of three donation cycles with our program, with a six cycle maximum. If eligible, you can complete six cycles and be compensated each time.

Referral Program

Accepted egg donors have another benefit: our referral program. You can earn up to $1,000 for each referral you bring in. If you refer someone who is later accepted into the program, you’ll receive $50. If she goes through a donation cycle, you’ll receive an additional $950. And, you can refer as many egg donors as you want.

Valuable Medical and Genetic Testing

You’ve seen the monetary compensation egg donors can receive. But it doesn’t stop at money. Our egg donors receive other benefits that you may not have thought about. The medical exams and genetic testing you receive are all free. This level of examination and testing can cost thousands of dollars. Your thorough screening will give you important knowledge about yourself and your health at no cost to you. This information might come in handy one day if you decide to start your own family. It’s also important simply to have a complete picture of your health and genetic history, no matter what your future holds.

The Priceless Satisfaction of Helping

This last benefit is intangible but priceless. When you donate eggs, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped someone else. Thanks to your precious gift, someone else hoping to build a family has a chance at fulfilling a dream. You can also feel good about your donation because it requires no future obligation from you. You can choose to enter into our ID Option program, which allows these children to find your information upon reaching 18. You can decide to stay completely anonymous. Alternatively, we offer the chance to choose to enter into our ID Option program, which allows only children your information upon reaching 18. It’s entirely up to you. No matter what, egg donors legally have no obligations toward any children born with the help of their donated eggs.

Thanks to our egg donors, families have hope. We rely on our egg donors and we understand the time and effort involved in egg donation. That’s why we believe in fair egg donor compensation at every step of the way. Do you have more questions about donating eggs? Read our Egg Donor FAQs or contact us.