Intro to My Donor Egg Story

Fairfax EggBank has partnered with Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED) to launch a blog series written by Heather, a recent egg donor recipient at Fairfax EggBank. Our hope is that through PVED, Heather’s voice can be shared with others who are just beginning their donor egg journey and are seeking authentic experiences of others who have been through it.

Intro to My Donor Egg Story

If you’re reading this blog, you might be someone who is exploring the decision to use donor eggs. If that’s the case, you probably have a million questions you’re trying to sort out. How did I get to this point? Is donor egg the right choice for me? If so, how do I go about finding an egg donor?  Where do I even start?

I just want to let you know that all this soul searching, the confusion and doubts, the overwhelming feelings…it’s all normal. I’ve been in your exact shoes.

I have been beaten down by an emotional path of failed IVF and FET cycles. I questioned whether I will ever be the mom I’ve always wanted to be. I have been on the roller coaster of infertility with my husband, wondering if we will ever get to share our home with giggling children running down its halls.

But, guess what? I was able to stop that roller coaster…I’m finally pregnant! Donor eggs have given me that opportunity, and I have never looked back.

So, who am I? My name is Heather. I am (almost) 30 years old, and have struggled with infertility for two years. I have a professional career as a CPA. I’m a dog lover. I can be someone who is a tad stubborn…which, to think about it, offered me the strength I needed to never give up on my fight to become a mom. Like many of you, I’ve been through tests, surgeries, shots, retrievals, transfers and more.

I will share with you my journey in the upcoming blog series. Hopefully some of you will relate to my story and find encouragement that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And hopefully, like me, by choosing donors eggs you’ll also be blissfully pregnant a few short months from now.


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Heather’s Blog Series:

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#2: First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, then Comes…Infertility?

#3: Our Decision to Use Frozen Donor Eggs

#4: Selecting an Egg Donor

#5: Three Resources to Use for Your Donor Egg Research

About PVED

Parents Via Egg Donation, or PVED, was created to provide an informational and supportive environment where parents and parents-to-be can learn and share information about all facets of the egg donation process.

Our mission is to educate, support, and empower families and individuals at any stage of the process who choose to use egg donation to build a family. We share information about agencies, legal and medical professionals, treatment centers, mental health therapists, pharmaceutical companies, and other resources.

PVED is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization headquartered in Scappoose, Oregon

Their website contains a wide variety of information and ideas to help you in your family-building journey. If you can’t find what you are looking for, our listserves can link you to others who may have had similar experiences and are happy to share their knowledge.