2018 Calendar for Fertility and IVF Professionals

The following calendar is intended for professionals serving in the fertility, reproductive medicine, and advanced reproductive technology field. Looking for our 2019 calendar? Click here.

Back by popular demand, we now have the 2018 calendar for reproductive medicine and A.R.T. professionals ready for you to download!

We created this calendar to help professionals in our industry be mindful of relevant events, observances, and fertility and IVF conferences throughout the year. These events are united in their aim to spread awareness, advance education, and provide appreciation to tireless colleagues helping patients conceive.

To download the free calendar, complete with conference hyperlinks, click here. Are you a fertility/IVF professional and would prefer a calendar for your office wall? E-mail us so that we can send you a professionally printed copy! (applicable to Continental US residents only)

Notable events, observances, and conferences:


1/4 to 1/6 (Thu-Sat): British Fertility Society Meeting: Fertility 2018 | Liverpool, UK
1/5 to 1/6 (Fri-Sat): Southwest Embryology Summit | Phoenix, AZ


2/17 to 2/18 (Sat-Sun): Kinderwunsch Tage | Berlin, Germany


3/21 to 3/25 (Wed-Thu): Pacific Coast Reproductive Society  – 66th Annual Meeting | Indian Wells, CA
3/30 (Fri): National Doctors’ Day



4/22 to 4/28 (Sun-Sat): Medical Laboratory Professionals Week
4/22 to 4/28 (Sun-Sat): National Infertility Awareness Week
4/26 to 4/29 (Thu-Sun): Donor Egg Meeting | Isle of Palms, SC


5/4 to 5/5 (Fri-Sat): Embryologist’s Summit Conference | Madison, WI
5/4 to 5/5 (Fri-Sat): New England Fertility Society 16th Annual Meeting | Ogunquit, ME
5/6 (Sun): National Nurses Week
5/13 to 5/19 (Sun-Sat): National Women’s Health Week
5/17 to 5/19 (Thu-Sat): 2018 AAB Educational Conference and CRB Symposium | Orlando, FL
5/30 to 6/2 (Wed-Sat): 5th Annual Jefferson Infertility Counseling Conference | Philadelphia, PA


6/7 to 6/9 (Thu-Sat): 8th Annual Midwest Reproductive Symposium | Chicago, IL
6/11 to 6/17 (Mon-Sun): Men’s Health Week


7/1 to 7/4 (Sun-Wed): ESHRE – 34th Annual Meeting | Barcelona, Spain
7/25 (Wed): World Embryologist Day
7/30 to 8/1 (Mon-Wed): 31st IVF and Embryo Transfer Conference | San Diego, CA


PCOS Awareness Month

9/13 to 9/15 (Thu-Sat): CFAS 62nd Annual Meeting | Montreal, Canada


10/6 to 10/10 (Sat-Wed): 74th Annual Meeting of the ASRM | Denver, CO
10/13 to 10/14 (Sat-Sun): Kinderwunsch Tage | Cologne, Germany
10/15 (Mon): Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day


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