Children conceived by the use of donor eggs may want to learn about their donors as a way of learning more about themselves. Providing offspring with the potential to connect with their donor can be an important factor in realizing that goal. In response to requests from our recipient families, Fairfax EggBank is pleased to offer the ID Option program on a select group of egg donors.

Who is an ID Option Donor?

An ID Option Donor is an egg donor who agrees to allow us to release her identity and contact information to the donor-conceived child, once that child reaches the age of 18 and he or she requests the information. The donor will receive additional counseling by a mental health professional to understand the implications of being an ID Option Donor.

Identifying ID Option Donors

These donors are designated by “ID” after the donor number in the egg donor database on our website.

Benefits of an ID Option Donor

To begin with, keep in mind that the ID Option program is not intended to create family relationships between ID Option Donors and children conceived using their donated eggs. Egg donors, whether anonymous or ID Option, have no legal relationship, rights, or obligations. Instead, this option is about giving choices.

Children conceived by the use of donor eggs may want to learn more about their donors as a way of exploring more about themselves—this curiosity is natural. Providing donor-conceived children with the option to contact their donor offers an empowering choice these children can make once they reach adulthood.

And, sometimes, the very fact that this information is available can be helpful, whether or not a child decides to act on it. Carole Lieber Wilkins, M.A., M.F.T., a therapist and specialist in infertility and family building, writes: “The most important part of the equation here is that you are not withholding important pieces of your child’s history from them. Your willingness to give them what they need, as you determine what is appropriate for them at different stages, is more important than your exact answers.”


To learn more details about the ID Option program, click here.

Which Should You Choose? Anonymous or ID Option Donor?

Using frozen donor eggs from an anonymous donor or an ID Option Donor is an extremely personal decision. Having more options is empowering for everyone involved. At Fairfax EggBank, we are very pleased to be able to offer both options.

Register a Birth

Did you have a baby using a Fairfax EggBank ID Option Donor? Congratulations!! In order for your child to receive Identifying Information about the donor when he/she is 18, you MUST complete and submit the ID Option Birth Registration form to Fairfax EggBank after your child is born. Merely using eggs from an ID Option donor does not allow access to the Identifying Information. If you choose not to register your child, the donor will remain anonymous and your child will not be able to access identifying information once s/he reaches 18 or older.

Questions about ID Option Donors?

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