GenPanel+ Expanded Genetic Testing Program

Fairfax EggBank is proud to announce the launch of GenPanel+, a program featuring donors who have been tested for an expanded list of genetic conditions. Now, with these donors, you’ll have even more genetic information to help you assess whether they are a suitable match.

Genetic testing has quickly become more advanced and now routinely offers information on hundreds of genetic conditions. Starting in September 2018, Fairfax EggBank’s database will feature GenPanel+ donors – a select group of donors who have completed an expanded genetic panel. Eventually, we’ll have all new donors complete the expanded panel, as we understand how critical robust medical testing is in your quest to find the ideal egg donor.

In fact, we are all carriers for several genetic conditions, only some of which can be detected with today’s technology.  It is important to note that being a carrier is not the same as actually having the genetic condition in question; in fact, carriers do not have the condition and are expected to remain healthy.  The chances of a child inheriting a genetic condition will vary based on whether the egg and sperm source are carriers for the same condition(s).  Being a carrier is part of being human – it’s normal.

Many male partners undergo genetic testing as part of the workup prior to donor egg IVF. Upwards of 70% will find they are a carrier for one or more genetic conditions.  If you know your male partner or sperm donor is a carrier, the availability of GenPanel+ egg donors will expedite the time it takes to find a suitable match.  If you don’t know his carrier status, we will recommend that he get tested, and give you time to get his results.

Expanded Genetic Testing FAQ

How can I tell if the donor is part of the GenPanel+ Program?

A double helix icon located in the egg donor’s profile will indicate she has completed an expanded genetic panel. In addition, you can view the test results in the medical section of the donor’s profile – these results will indicate whether she’s a carrier for any of the listed genetic conditions.

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How can I tell if the donor is a carrier?

The donor ID will include a “C” if a donor is a known carrier for a condition. You’ll be able to see the condition(s) she was tested positive for in her Medical Profile found online.

If you wish to learn more about a particular egg donor who is a carrier, please contact us. You’ll be assigned a dedicated coordinator, who will walk you through the testing and matching process step-by-step. She’ll also supply you with a consent form and a Genetic Testing Summary report. This comprehensive report includes 1) the results of all genetic conditions for which the donor was tested, 2) further details on any condition for which the donor tested positive, and any recommendations on partner testing that should be completed.


Can I consider using a donor if she’s a carrier?

Yes – healthy carriers have healthy babies all the time.  In fact, knowing a donor’s carrier status gives you important information to help you reduce the risk that your donor-conceived child/children will have a genetic condition.  The key is to compare the carrier status of the sperm and egg source side by side, so you can assess the risk of a particular match. Your reproductive endocrinologist and/or genetic counselor are good resources to help get any recommended testing completed and to answer your questions.

In general, our recommendations are:

  • If your partner tests positive for the same recessive condition as the donor, the chance of the donor-conceived child being affected is 25%. You should consider selecting a different donor.
  • If your partner tests negative for the same recessive genetic condition, the chances of an affected child are significantly reduced. You can consider selecting this donor.
  • If you cannot obtain test results for the specific condition from the partner, you should consider selecting a different donor.
  • If your partner tests positive for a recessive condition for which the donor has not been tested, contact us to see if additional donor testing is possible.


What if I’m interested in learning more about a donor’s GenPanel+ expanded panel results?

Contact Fairfax EggBank to get started. You’ll be assigned a dedicated coordinator, who will provide more information about the egg donor, her test results, and next steps for moving forward. Our goal is to make your experience with us as informative, easy, and personalized as possible – so that we can fulfill our ultimate mission, which is to help you have a healthy baby.

Questions about the GenPanel+ Expanded Genetic Testing Program?

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