Histoire d'un donneur d'œufs : flexibilité et sécurité avec Fairfax EggBank

June 4, 2020
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A Fairfax EggBank Egg Donor Story

Rachel* is one of the wonderful Fairfax EggBank egg donors who wanted to share her story.

Every donor is different. That’s what makes them special. Choosing to become an egg donor is a commitment that many feel honored to take on. When Rachel decided to apply, she was inspired by one of her friends, and even when her life met with big location changes, she was still dedicated to being a donor. Read more about this egg donor story to learn why being a Fairfax EggBank frozen egg donor was so important to Rachel.

“A little over a year ago I was living in California. A distant friend had a miscarriage and some fertility issues. I went with her to a doctor’s appointment. And while I was waiting for her, they said that I would be a wonderful donneuse d'ovules, as I’m tall and athletic. It would be the perfect thing for a family in need. I was in the waiting room thinking about it and started the application process then and there. This donor program was specific to the clinic.”

Then Rachel’s life took a turn and she moved home.

“I decided to move back to Wisconsin. I could no longer be matched for that clinic’s fresh donor program. It was bad timing, as right before I moved, I was matched, and it couldn’t go forward.”

Researching Egg Donor Options in Wisconsin

“When I was in Wisconsin, I wanted to do it again and found Banque d'œufs de Fairfax. The more I researched, I really wanted to go forward with becoming a donor. I really liked that I didn’t have to be matched to be able to donate. It was on my schedule.”

Being an egg donor was important to Rachel and the Fairfax EggBank process made it seamless. “It made me feel like I was doing something really meaningful. This will be my fifth time cycling. My coordinator has been great. With email and online communications, she’s been super easy to get a hold of.”

Rachel’s life took her back to California, and she was able to continue being a Fairfax EggBank donor at one of our west coast retrieval clinics. Every donor is unique. For Rachel, it has been a very positive experience.

“It’s been a breeze. I guess I’m very fortunate I’ve had a really smooth process. Every nurse and doctor I’ve been in contact with has been great. When I was in Wisconsin, I was able to text the doctor. That’s reciprocated out here in California, too. My nurse here was just texting me this morning. It’s really nice to have everyone really mean that they are going to take care of you. They are here for the donors 100%.”

“Everything I’ve experienced is what they told me to expect, and there has been nothing out of the ordinary. This is supplementary. It’s really helped to do things I love. I love to travel and this has helped me do that. I have recently completed my master’s program. I’m home now, because of COVID, but before I was working in my career.”

Keeping Egg Donors Healthy During COVID

Trying to navigate the unknown with COVID-19, it is important for Fairfax EggBank to ensure our donors remain healthy and safe. All of our retrieval clinics are enforcing safety protocols, and Fairfax EggBank is making COVID-19 tests available.

Rachel shared her feelings about donating during the pandemic.

“When you are trying to follow protocol, and hearing so much information from different outlets, being in contact with a nurse and a doctor from the IVF clinic has been really helpful. They have been so thorough in ensuring patient safety. I know I’m in good hands.”

Being a Fairfax EggBank frozen egg donor has its rewards and keeping donors safe is our priority.

*Fairfax EggBank protects the names of our donors to ensure a level of privacy, both for donors and for those who use frozen donor eggs to build their families. 

Fairfax EggBank est un leader dans les techniques avancées pour ovules de donneur congelés pour la fertilité. Notre engagement envers la qualité des donateurs et l'excellence du service fait de nous une solution de premier ordre, mais rentable, pour les futurs parents. Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec tous nos donneurs d'ovules à chaque étape du processus et sommes fiers de soutenir la communauté LGBTQ+.

Notre Base de données des donneurs d'ovules présente l'un des plus grands dépôts d'ovules de donneurs congelés aux États-Unis.

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