Fairfax EggBank FAQs for Physicians and Clinics

Why should your patients choose frozen donor eggs from Fairfax EggBank?

Fairfax EggBank has one of the most comprehensive egg donor screening processes of any egg bank in the world, which translates into excellent quality donors and extensive donor selection.

We are operated by many of the same superb physicians and scientists who lead Fairfax Cryobank, one of the nation’s leading sperm banks. This experience greatly enhances our ability to serve your patients because even though the technology involved with egg freezing is fairly new, the dedicated staff at the Fairfax EggBank has decades of experience addressing the unique sensitivities of patients who are considering the use of donor eggs or donor sperm.

Put simply, Fairfax EggBank provides quality and quantity when it comes to our patients’ choice of donors. We have a network of highly trained fertility centers and decades of experience serving patients who are building their families with the help of donor gametes.

We are a fertility clinic, but are not currently partnered with your egg bank. Can you ship frozen donor eggs to our clinic?

Due to the complexity of our laboratory techniques, we cannot ship frozen eggs to clinics who do not participate in our program. Freezing the eggs is just part of the process – the process by which the eggs are warmed is a crucial factor in the outcome of a treatment cycle as well. In order for a clinic to partner with us, special arrangements for a lab collaboration session must be made with the Fairfax EggBank. We encourage you to contact us to discuss the many benefits of becoming a partnering clinic.

To learn more about how to become a partnering clinic, please email send us a message or call 888.352.5577.

How are patients billed?

In most cases, when your patient chooses a cohort of eggs from the Fairfax EggBank, the patient will pay Fairfax EggBank directly. Your clinic will be responsible for charging the patient any other services related to receiving the frozen donor eggs.

How many vitrified eggs will your patient receive?

Your patient will purchase a cohort of eggs. Each cohort has a minimum of 6 mature eggs for your use. Most cohorts range between 6-8 eggs each.

Does Fairfax EggBank provide any guarantee on eggs purchased from the bank?

Fairfax EggBank is confident in the quality of our donors, the expertise of our scientists and the experience we have in freezing eggs. If you use frozen donor eggs from Fairfax EggBank for treatment as one of our Participating Clinics, we provide the following guarantee:

As long as your embryologist has been trained in our laboratory, Fairfax EggBank will guarantee that the warmed eggs from one full cohort (at least 6 oocytes) will result in at least one good embryo for transfer. The determination of embryo development will be made as a joint decision between your clinic and Fairfax EggBank. This is defined as at least one embryo at the 6 cell stage if patient has a day 3 transfer or one early blastocyst if patient has a day 5 transfer.

If above embryo progression results have not been met but a live birth is achieved after transfer of any embryos during the initial warming cycle or after the transfer of any frozen embryos originally derived from the initial warming cycle, Fairfax EggBank guarantee will be considered fulfilled.

If our guarantee criteria are not met during the cycle, we will provide your patient with a free cohort of eggs for your patient’s next cycle.

How many egg donors are there to choose from?

All of the donor cohorts we have available to potential recipients are listed by donor profile on the Fairfax EggBank website. This is updated on a daily basis as we add more donor cohorts and match the last of others. The Fairfax EggBank works diligently to expand your selection options and to include donors of many different ethnicities, with varied interests and advanced schooling.
All of our donors have been strictly screened and extensively tested for genetic and infectious diseases. For a full list of screening tests please click here.

How much information do you provide on the egg donors?

We offer a significant amount of detailed information about each egg donor. In fact, our program is one of the few to offer such an extensive amount of information on each donor. Profiles can be found on the website, including medical and personal history, donor essays, audio interviews and childhood photos. Current donor photos will be available to your patients when you become a partnering clinic. We require that anyone who views current photos be an established patient of any one of our partnering clinics. Your patient will also have to sign and return our confidentiality agreement. Many recipients say that this additional information is incredibly helpful in selecting just the right donor.

All of our egg donors have given Fairfax EggBank permission to share their current photos with patients as long as we take reasonable precautions to preserve their anonymity. To that end, we require that anyone who views current photos is an established patient of one of our partnering clinics. Click here to view our donor list.

Learn more about how to make Fairfax EggBank donors available to your patients
Send us a message or call 888.352.5577