Anonymous vs. ID Option

At Fairfax EggBank, you have two options on the type of egg donor you can be: Anonymous or ID Option.

Anonymous Egg Donor

As an anonymous egg donor, your identity will stay confidential. Recipients using your donor eggs and any children conceived through your donor eggs won’t know your identity or contact information. Similarly, you won’t receive information on whether your donor eggs are used or if any children were conceived.

ID Option Egg Donor

As an ID Option egg donor, you would agree to allow us to release your identity and contact information only to the donor-conceived child, not the recipients of donor eggs, once that child reaches the age of 18 and requests the information.

Which Option is Right for You?

Anonymous Egg Donation

As an egg donor, you may feel that you want to maintain privacy for yourself and your own current (or future) family—you’re happy to help couples and individuals in need of an egg donor, but for you, the involvement ends after completing the egg donation cycle. In this case, the anonymous egg donor program might be a better fit for you.

ID Option Egg Donation

Alternatively, you may be open to sharing your identity with any donor-conceived children. For children conceived through the use of donor eggs, it’s natural to be curious about the donor who helped their parents. While you wouldn’t be under any obligation to have a relationship with any donor-conceived children, you may find it appealing to give the donor-conceived child the option to contact you in the future. In this case, you may prefer to be an ID Option egg donor.

Rest assured, you don’t need to make the decision right away on whether to become an anonymous or ID Option egg donor. We provide professional counseling and an in-depth interview to potential donors about the egg donation programs and the potential scenarios that can occur as either an anonymous egg donor or ID Option egg donor. We want donors to feel fully confident about their decision before enrolling them into our egg donation program.

Legalities and Responsibilities as an Egg Donor

Regardless of whether you decide to become an anonymous or ID Option donor, you’ll assume no legal or financial responsibility for any donor-conceived child. Likewise, you’ll have no rights to any child conceived by your donation.

Should you be diagnosed with any serious medical issue that may be genetic, however, we do mandate that you contact us.

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