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We’re not your typical egg donor program. No long waiting games. Care provided by one of the biggest and most experienced egg banks in the world.

Building Hope. Delivering Dreams.

For many couples experiencing infertility, hope lies through the use of donor eggs. We are different from egg donor agencies and other fresh egg donation programs because we are a frozen donor egg bank. This means our donors can donate immediately after getting accepted into our program, unlike with other fresh cycle egg donor programs where donors must wait to be chosen and then wait to synchronize their menstrual cycles with the receiving woman’s cycle. While a donor can end up waiting for years or perhaps never be selected at all in a fresh donor egg program, a donor can donate within months at Fairfax EggBank.

Fairfax EggBank began in 2006 as a subsidiary of the Genetics and IVF Institute along with our sibling company, Fairfax Cryobank, one of the nation’s largest sperm banks. Our compassionate and professional teams have worked with donors and fertility patients for decades. As an egg donor at Fairfax EggBank, you can feel confident about your decision to give the gift of hope.



Why Donate at Fairfax


Unlike typical programs, you can begin an egg donation cycle right after you’re accepted into our program, making the process much quicker.


Fairfax EggBank is a world leader in egg banking. We are an extension of Genetics and IVF Institute’s fresh donor program, established in the late 80’s.


Your safety is our #1 priority. We take thorough care of our donors and make sure to personalize the experience each donor has with us.


Since you don’t need to wait until a recipient chooses you, you have a stronger guarantee of being compensated quicker and in the full amount.

I love love love Fairfax EggBank! Not only are they an amazing company, they are also amazing at making you their number one!! After one of my friends found out she wouldn’t be able to conceive kids on her own, I started doing research, and found that 1 out of 8 couples need help conceiving. Through my search, I realized at Fairfax EggBank, while I may not be directly helping my friend, I’d be helping others… and this has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I am now preparing for my 5th cycle donating, and I can honestly say that Fairfax EggBank makes dreams come true.”


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