Finding an Egg Donor

Our process is simple and it’s easy to take the first step. Browse the profiles of our top donors. Trust your instincts and go with your heart.


Getting Started

We realize how long and stressful the journey has been to get to this point. That’s why our mission is to make this part of choosing a donor as simple and relaxing for you as possible.

First, register to access our donor database. Then, contact us so that you can be assigned a dedicated coordinator who will be ready to support you and explain the process step-by-step. Upon verification that you are a patient at an affiliate IVF clinic partner*, your coordinator will let you know how many donor egg cohorts (egg lots) are available for the donor(s) you are interested in and provide any other details on the donor that may be available.

*Don’t see your clinic in our directory? Don’t worry – just let us know so we can initiate the partnership process with your clinic.

Reserving Your Donor

Once you know that you’ve found “the one,” let your Fairfax EggBank donor coordinator know immediately. You coordinator can verify cohort availability and reserve that donor’s cohort for you (please note that we reserve cohorts on a first-come, first-served basis). You’ll be given several days to complete our simple paperwork. During this time, your Fairfax EggBank coordinator will work with your clinic to verify they authorize the purchase and shipment of your donor eggs – once this happens, the final step is for you to submit payment to Fairfax EggBank (note: there are a few clinics that will ask you to remit payment to them rather than to Fairfax EggBank for the donor egg cohort. We’ll verify what type of billing arrangement you should expect upon contacting us).

Happen to see a donor you just need to secure, but aren’t ready to cycle for a couple of months? We have a solution for you. You can purchase the donor egg cohort (upon approval from your clinic) and keep the eggs here in storage at Fairfax, VA until they are ready to be shipped. If you choose to cancel the purchase for any reason, you can do so as long as the eggs have not left our facility. There are cancellation fees that apply, so just talk to your Fairfax EggBank coordinator to see if this option is right for you.

Shipping Donor Eggs to Your Clinic

We can ship donor eggs to your clinic as soon as the steps above are completed and your clinic’s laboratory confirms they have all hands on deck to receive the donor eggs. We will never ship donor eggs to a clinic without the clinic’s explicit approval and confirmation of availability.

Shipments are sent via overnight delivery, and are sent early in the week to avoid any risk of shipment delays over the weekend.

Undergoing your Transfer


Your success is ours. We wish you all the luck from the bottom of our hearts. Keep us posted on how the transfer goes!


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