Why does education matter?

We are actually one of the more unique companies, as the typical standard for a donor egg company is to require a college degree, at minimum.  We, on the other hand, require a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Women are correct when they assert education attainment level is not correlated to the health of an individual.
With that said, the reason for why we require a minimum of a high school diploma is two-fold, and they are attributed to business decisions, and not for medical reasons.

1) Demand: When choosing a donor, many egg donor recipients tend to choose donors who resemble them in characteristics such as physical appearance, values, and educational background. Many egg donor recipients hold a minimum of a college degree and value education; so when they choose a donor, more often than not, they also want a donor who has attained a similar education level and also values education. Therefore, donors without a high school diploma are often looked over – which means that a donor egg company, we will have invested time and money into the donor’s recruitment and screening, only to have the donor never be selected.

2) Conversion rates: the donor process is very involved. It requires a donor to go to many medical visits and to closely adhere to a very precise protocol over the course of a few months. At an aggregate level, those who have an educational degree tend to exhibit higher compliance levels, and therefore are more likely to complete the process of becoming a donor. It’s just a hypothesis, but perhaps this is because those who have gone through high school and college are used to a structured environment, and so the donor process is easier to adhere to.

As a business that experiences extremely high costs to recruit and screen donors, we need to make certain business decisions that enable us to keep the lights on and to continue serving recipients. We understand this may not seem fair to those without a minimum high school diploma, and there are plenty of applicants without a high school diploma who have perfectly good eggs. We are sorry we cannot accommodate those without a high school diploma but hope this sheds a bit more insight and makes the reasoning less arbitrary.