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CAN-AM Cryoservices and Fairfax EggBank partner to provide intended parents with the best donor egg IVF experience.

Why Choose Fairfax EggBank?

Our Embryo Guarantees

Fairfax EggBank has one of the strongest embryo development guarantees in the industry to help give you a peace of mind.

Thorough Donor Screening

Fairfax EggBank egg donors are ethnically diverse, pre-screened, FDA and Health Canada compliant. Donor screening involves 3 generations of medical history and uses the most advanced genetic screening available. The egg donor screening process is so rigorous that only 3 in every 1,000 applicants are accepted.

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Committed to your Journey

The Fairfax EggBank Donor Database offers a customized experience for intended parents. The Client Service Specialists at CAN-AM are here to support you every step of the way to ensure you find the perfect donor!

3 Months Of Complimentary Storage

“I am so thrilled to say I am 18 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the birth of our little one“ -Sara M.

Customized Genetic Suitability Matching

Our Partnership

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Committed to Donor Egg IVF Success

CAN-AM and Fairfax EggBank have collaborated to offer a comprehensive donor egg IVF treatment experience. Patients of CAN-AM can choose from the Fairfax EggBank Donor Database, which has one of the largest collections of high-quality frozen donor eggs in the U.S. Frozen donor eggs provided intended parents with flexibility and confidence in their family planning endeavors.

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The Trusted Choice

The Fairfax EggBank premier donor database showcases a diverse selection of highly screened and vetted egg donors. Their commitment to quality leads to exceptional donor egg success rates.